Branded Blogs


Launch Campaigns 

Are you launching a new feature, a product or a service? Want to get it embedded in a blog about a customer need and how your new product will solve that need? We solve that for you!

Investor Pitch Decks

Don’t have time to create a pitch deck or write about sectoral trends? Want to position your brand as intelligent, visionary and knowledgeable in your sector? Take leverage of our sectoral experts. when you’re pitching to investors 

Market Research

Whether its technology, healthcare, education, finance, auto, or construction sector, we have expert writers with years of experience behind them to boost your brand image with content & market research reports. 


Sector-agnostic content for startups

Improve your brand’s presence on Google search and social media by displaying industry leading web content rich with insights and data about your sector. Some of the sectors that we regularly write on in areas of entrepreneurship across sectors- 

  • Leadership 
  • Management 
  • Marketing
  • Virtual Team Building
  • Fund-Raising 
  • Technology

Why a blog is essential for your business?

From creating SEO on Google search to promoting your brand as a visionary to market your brand on social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter – a great blogpost helps reach out to your relevant audience. It enlightens and educates them. Alongside it makes your brand’s website rise higher in your local web search. 


Branded Blogs

We Wrote Achieved 




Localised Awareness

Sales & Leads


We used Branded Blogs From It was stress free experience to build links, brand and maintain content on my client sites. Just approve the idea and pay, and takes care of all your monthly blogging needs.  

Sarah (Digital Marketer, Germany)


Blog Management
How It Works

  1. We suggest ideas 
  2. You approve with payment
  3. We submit draft in 7 days
  4. We publish. 

Monthly Or On-Demand Content

On a retainer basis – much cheaper than your regular in-house blogger, we offer you sectoral trends and blogs in your industry, building your website blog’s section with relevant content. 

It will offer you more presence on Google and respect amongst your peers. 

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Brand Esteem

We build your brand through regular content creation as a: 

  • Visionary
  • Trendy
  • Problem Solver
  • Powerful 
  • Trustworthy
  • Reliable 
  • Intelligent

We create a regular weekly blog for your business shareable on FB & IG

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SEO Analytics

By regular analysis of keywords trending on Google about your sector, we create online content that can rank your brand in Google within a few weeks. 

This way your business won’t lose all the visitors who are searching for a business solution like yours in your local area. 

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