Wish to list your business as a classified? Wish to tell your entrepreneurship story to your customers and vendors? 

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Product Features:

1.Push for your listing to the top of your category / classifieds home page.

2. A Story about Your Business and how it was started including its services and products

3. Want just a SEO Link to improve your organic search presence? Scroll down below.

4. Contact Details and call to action button for visitors to visit your website / social page.

5. Customizing your social media plugins if they don’t exist already

6. Our Goal: To make the listing appear in top to all your prospective clients and make your brand life story known to vendors and across social media.

7. For an extra can include: A Podcast Interview

8. Will include a push across our social channels : Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus

9. After sales service in customizing your listing (Lifetime Support).

10. Free classifieds include just a listing. Paid classifieds include a listing + A Branded Content Story.