Guidelines for Authors

The fact that you are on this page, shows that somewhere deep down there is anexperience or wisdom, you wish to share with the world.

At Startupanz, we accept guest authored articles that talk about a learning, offer an objective analysis of an issue, predict a forecast, talk about a trend or a challenge.

The article you wish to pen can talk about anything on earth provided it helps  a business, human productivity, enriches an experience and helps entrepreneurs, professionals or employees in their journeys.  

For instance, you can write about jobs, AI, automation, transport technologies, space, infrastructure, economy, e-commerce, venture capital, edu-tech, health-tech, a productivity hack or how an experience changed you as a person, and what others can learn from it. 

Just keep in mind these following points while writing a post. It is definitely going to help: 

  1. Keep the word count between 600-2000 words. 
  2. Should not overtly promote any brand or a product. We have a different section for that. 
  3. Should help others who wish to embark on a similar journey and can learn from your human experience
  4. Should aim to educate and inform others about a particular problem, issue in their sector and how they solved it. 
  5. Should serve as a beacon for other entrepreneurs or professionals solving the same problem.
  6. AI Content: You could use AI related tools to generate ideas, however it has to be rewritten by a human hand. The article should pass the human content scale of 85% on tools such as this
  7. Please disclose while submission whether the article is also submitted previously on other platforms. If yes, it would be prudent to rewrite and submit. 

A mugshot pic of author is preferable. 

So, what are you thinking? Just go ahead and pen your thoughts and leave the rest to us. 

Submit your blog here and let us do the rest. 

We would be happy to help you in your journey to become an entrepreneur-writer. 

Look forward to your posts.