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Despite Security Law, Hong Kong’s Trade With World Unaffected: HKTDC

Countries such as Australia, New Zealand, US and UK have expressed deep concern over China’s new security law undermining the democratic freedom of the...

Time For Wearable Tech To Shape the Future of Healthcare

By Maj Sunil Shetty (SM) Retd. A couple of years ago, Bani Banerjee, a cancer survivor, who was then in her early 70s, fell from...

Digital Revolution: India Destined To Reach 1 Billion Internet Users by 2025

By John C.  According to data estimations calculated by the Atlas VPN research team, India is set to reach 1 billion internet users by the...

Why Social Capital Is As Important As Angel Money For Your Startup

By Hari Julka  A lot of people keep complaining about the lack of capital in starting a business or breaking their daily loop of life. However,...

Infographic: The New Startup Capitals of Africa

The geographical focus on innovation and entrepreneurship is shifting globally and the past decade has witnessed a dramatic growth of startup ecosystems all across...