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AI & Machine Learning Is Changing The Way Marketing Works

By Sally Wu Artificial Intelligence is a technology based upon computing systems that learn and develop over time, without llittle human intervention. So basically, the...

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HEALTH: Tips To Unplug Yourself Daily For The Ultimate Digital Detox

Technology is a wonderful thing. It’s given us Netflix, online shopping, video games, and social media –– but sometimes you need to take a...

INVESTING: Top 7 Moves You Can Make In A Bearish Crypto Market

Top 5 Moves to Make in a Crypto Bear Market Medha B Dey Roy The cryptocurrency bear market cycle is the inverse of a bull market....

Reentry Centers: Cuts Recidivism By 60% At Zero Taxpayer Cost

NAME OF STARTUP: ReentryCenters.com FOUNDED IN (Year): 2019 FOUNDER'S NAME: Jay Whitehead THE IDEA: What is the problem being solved by your startup / business?: For the 1,200,000 Americans released each...