Infographic: How To Create An Optimal Remote Work Environment

image source: pinterest.

When you’re working remotely, where do you spend most of your day doing work? Do you take calls from a desk or a couch? Do you change your location throughout the day? How often do you turn on your video or screen share?

Remote work isn’t just a trend, It’s the future of work. While office spaces aren’t going away, the Covid-19 pandemic has taught us that remote work can be productive work.

And not just productive work, but for some, even more productive than going into the office.

Because remote work is here to stay, we think it’s important to create a long term office space that will help you be even more productive than you already are during your work day.

Here are some tips on creating an optimum environment for remote work needs: 

(This infographic is sponsored by Cisco Webex)