PRODUCTIVITY: Declutter Your Workplace With These 4 Strategies


Living in a clutter-free space can promote a sense of calm and productivity, yet decluttering doesn’t always go so smoothly. It can feel overwhelming, and the situation often gets worse before it gets better. However, don’t despair; with these practical and proven methods, you’ll be able to streamline your space and declutter your life effectively.

Set Achievable Goals

When faced with a home full of clutter, it’s only natural to feel daunted. Instead of trying to tackle everything, everywhere, all at once, start small with achievable goals, either with a room, a drawer, or a closet. By purging just one area at a time, you’ll soon see enough progress to keep you motivated.

Try the Four-Box Method

The four-box method is a handy, simple, and effective way to sort out your belongings. This is an excellent technique if you’re new to the world of decluttering. Label four large boxes or bins as “Keep”, “Donate”, “Sell”, “Trash”, or “Storage”. Each item should go into one of these categories. This helps to streamline the decision-making process.

You can then action each box individually. Many high streets have charity stores that will welcome donations of various items. At the same time, online platforms make it easy to sell good-quality items online. Use a shipping company to ensure that you get to keep more of the profits from what you sell. Ship safely, conveniently, and for a reasonable price.

Try the KonMari Method

For declutters who require less structure, try the famous KonMari Method. This method encourages you to move through your decluttering journey by category rather than room. So, start with clothing, then move on to books, DVDs, or sentimental items. The method asks you to hold each item in your hands and ask yourself if it sparks joy. If not, you can thank the item for its service and then let it go.

Repurpose and Upcycle

Another way to deal with your unwanted stuff is to get creative. Try repurposing or upcycling things into something new. Old clothing could become cleaning rags, while pre-loved furniture can be sanded, repainted, and repurposed to give it a new life. You could even consider selling your creations to make a little extra cash. Finding new uses for unwanted items helps to reduce waste and is, therefore, better for our planet.

Set Yourself Boundaries

Clutter sneaks up on us all, which is why it’s essential to set limits and boundaries for yourself. Before you bring new stuff into your home, ask yourself, Do I love it? Do I need it? Does it spark joy? Will it be useful? Will it last?

Alternatively, you could implement a one-in, one-out rule, where for every new item you bring home, you must get rid of an existing item. When decluttering, don’t be afraid to seek support from your friends and family.

Having someone to encourage you, support you, or hold you accountable makes the process more achievable. You could even join or create a decluttering challenge group!

By being mindful of what you bring into your space, you can maintain a peaceful, tidy, and clutter-free environment.