MAKESEND – Solving Hyperlocal Logistics Needs For Bangkok



THE IDEA: What is the problem being solved by your startup / business?:

MAKESEND is a freshly funded Thai startup in the logistics industry backed by SET-listed companies.

Through intelligent use of technology and scalable operational processes, we are able to stay competitive in a logistics market traditionally dominated by the post office.

Using our proprietary route-planning system, we can accurately pinpointpick-up and drop-off locations while also assigning delivery drivers to the quickest and most cost-effective route.

A hybrid fleet system enables an asset-light approach to the delivery model, while allowing for the best vehicle to deliver each parcel.

Our main service is Bangkok and Greater Bangkok same-day parcel delivery.
The goal is to offer committed delivery, ensuring the parcel arrives in perfect condition. We have an on-time delivery rate of 99.5%.

We are currently the only scheduled parcel delivery company that offers same-day cold delivery in the Thai market.

Prices start from 40THB (USD$1.28), and parcels up to S200 / 25kg can be delivered.

Bangkok Street Thailand - Free photo on Pixabay

Location City: Bangkok, Thailand

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Number of Employees: 50-100

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