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6 Signs That the Future of Work Is Here Today

By Chris Keene As software continues to eat the world, companies must find ways to build more innovative teams. For these companies, The Future of...

Over 70% of India’s Startups Impacted Due To Corona Pandemic: Survey

NEW DELHI: The Coronavirus pandemic has had an unprecedented impact on the Indian businesses and more so for the SMEs and startups. With uncertainty in...

Round That Timesheet To Keep Employees & Bottomline Happy

By Dawid Bednarski Back in the day when handling payroll was pretty much a pen-and-paper process, employers would use rounding to account for odd minutes...

Meditations: How To Deal With The Loss Of A Loved One In A Pandemic

By Manisha Udeshi Distance makes heart grow stronger, so says the world. Sometimes distance does lead to grief and sadness too. Life always loved you, and...

Want Success? Take “Extreme Ownership” Of This One Thing

By Benjamin Hardy “Commitment is a statement of what ‘is’. You can know what you’re committed to by your results, not by what you say...