Quick Fast facts about New Zealand biz culture


Business hours
Generally, from 8am or 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday; and sometimes 9am to 12.30pm on Saturdays

Business language

Business dress
The business dress code in New Zealand is difficult to pin down, although appearing well groomed and presentable is highly valued.

In more formal business settings, men tend to wear traditional dark suits while women wear business suits or appropriate dresses.

Some industries do, however, exhibit a relaxed dress code where jeans and sports jackets are not an uncommon sight. The dress code of the office is entirely dependent on the industry.

Greetings in New Zealand are usually casual and consist of a handshake, smile, and direct eye contact.

Gifts are not usually exchanged during business meetings. However, if invited to a colleague’s home, be sure to take along wine, chocolates or flowers to say thanks. Gifts are usually opened in the presence of the giver and should not be overly expensive.

Gender equality
Women are treated as equals in the New Zealand workplace, often rising to senior corporate positions.

Dos and don’ts of doing business in New Zealand

  • Do be polite and reserved, yet willing to develop personal relationships with colleagues.
  • Do get involved in ‘team-building’ exercises; these are taken quite seriously in New Zealand.
  • Don’t try to prove your credentials by talking about them – rather, show your worth to employers and associates, by getting on with it and working hard.
  • Don’t make unfavorable comparisons between New Zealand and its neighbor, Australia – this is a sore point for many Kiwis.

Source: www.expatarrivals.com