AI & Machine Learning Is Changing The Way Marketing Works


By Sally Wu

Artificial Intelligence is a technology based upon computing systems that learn and develop over time, without llittle human intervention. So basically, the AI systems can observe the information and system inputs, make its own decisions on them, and improve the output continuously.

AI and Machine Learning models are the best suited to handle real-world problems. Marketing is one area being hugely impacted by the use of AI in data based marketing. However, machines are still slow to understand human emotions or humor. But they may get there slowly and gradually.

Marketing techniques used by AI-based algorithms:

Understanding the impact of AI for marketing has been a tricky subject. However, the experts have already brought some clarity on the subject by providing the main elements of AI use in marketing.

AI-based Content Personalization: AI can be used to personalize and customize the content based on the user’s usage of the website or app. This is a very important aspect as more and more users are opting for social media websites and are often not comfortable with random information.

When an AI-powered system is involved, it can infer a user’s preferences based on a set of previous search and browsing data. More and more users are opting to use these websites in order to browse and consume information. AI has the ability to suggest content in a suitable manner to help the users identify and focus on the content they want.

When a user visits a webpage, a computer running AI can analyze his or her browsing history and suggest relevant content that would be more likely to interest the user.

If a user visits an article for the first time and likes the content, the AI would learn from this and will keep recommending more content until the user comments on the article or closes the window.

Brand Awareness via Bots: AI is being used to automate the social media management. This can help automate the data collection, analysis and promotion process. This would help better reach out to the target audience of brands in future.

Image Based Media & Voice Based Marketing: AI can analyze the online images of a company. AI can tell the company’s image from the online media as well as analyze the content, share and re-share the content. The company can utilize these visuals for their brand’s marketing campaigns.

Voice Based Search & Marketing: The voice search has been the most successful example of how AI can enhance the search experience. With the use of deep learning algorithms, different technology companies are experimenting with the user experience. Companies like Amazon and Apple are starting to incorporate their latest AI technology in their voice search systems such as Alexa and Siri. This technology is being implemented for answering queries, asking for recommendations and so on.

Reverse Image Search & Voice Based Advertising: AI can analyze the pictures and video clips and recognize the faces, give advertisements based on user’s voice queries, identify the specific pictures and so on.

The process of applying AI for image based and voice based search and advertising is still not as developed. However, these technologies will definitely change the way people search for products and information.

AI can recommend content based on past interactions and activities of the user, thus saving time and improving experience.

BOT-based Natural Language Processing In Customer Service: This is a great tool in marketing as the AI can process text and automatically convert it into a conversation. For example, when a user visits a website and tries to leave a comment on the website, the AI can also understand the context and reply to the user automatically.

It is easy to see how AI is becoming extremely important in the marketing sector, especially in mobile apps.

However, AI is being adopted in many other sectors such as data collection, call centers, computer vision, robots and so on. So, it has taken its place on the planet and is improving day by day.

However, it is important for marketing firms to hire experts and coders who are aware of the latest technological innovations and ethics in use of AI, lest it overtakes human society and consciousness someday.

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