Resolve Conflicts between Gen Z & Millennials To Win More Customers

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By Hari Julka 

Clashes are inevitable when millennials work with boomers or GenX and Gen Z workers at a workplace.

And with Gen Z employees more adept with new tech trends, born with a mobile and internet in hand, conflicts on who knows more – are bound to happen.

Often millennials feel that Gen Z is highly eruptive, careless and selfish whereas the Gen Z feels that millennials are oldies who have set patterns and are less likely to learn a new skill.

Often when a Gen Zer becomes the boss of boomers and millennials, clashes do erupt in teams.

And in the era of remote working post pandemic, more such clashes are likely to take place with lack of personal communication and team building activities.

Here are 3 tips for millennials to avoid conflict at the workplace with Gen Z.

  1. Understand the needs of the new generation to stay connected and hooked on to the internet all the time. They are hungry for shares, likes and retweets than they are for rewards like a testimonial or certificate at the end of their stint.
  2. They give up on millennials as being set in their ways. Prove them wrong by keeping your ego low and have an ability to learn anew and develop new skills.
  3. Ultimately if you can develop even 75% of the skills they possess you will be much more valuable in a workplace because you will have more experience to manage three generations across teams.

Here are 3 tips for Gen Z to avoid conflict at the workplace with Gen X and millennials:

  1. You may be more adept at technology, may have more energy but respect the skill or experience of the older generation – who have built the technology and the platforms you are using.
  2. You may be adept at increasing likes, shares and retweets – but they may be more adept at core concepts which build the algorithms that drive these platforms.
  3. Deal with ego clashes by reporting directly to the manager – or – having a heart to heart chat with them.
  4. Give up on them. Yes you read it right. Often, it is better to maintain peace at the worplace than having an environment of conflict where nobody is at peace leave alone the customer.

A slow paced environment which takes all along in a team even the fastest runner and the slowest, will win the race and more customers.

Customers who find a conflicted work environment at a workplace will likely to chose a competing business to buy from.

Thus, workplace peace between employees is directly linked to customer satisfaction and happiness, teams realise in the end.

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