Top 10 Small Biz Investment Opportunities in NZ


New Zealand topped the 2012 Forbes ranking of the most suitable countries for doing business. This means there is no better place to start a business right now than New Zealand. Really, there are many untapped business opportunities in New Zealand as of present and the business environment as well as government policies are very friendly to investors.

With a very successful economy that has remained very stable over the years, and with low corruption and crime rates, New Zealand is a fertile ground that investors should focus on. So if you think starting a business in New Zealand is your next decision or a decision you would like to make some day, this post is for you, as it presents and discusses the ten best business opportunities in the island country

  1. Business solutions

Following the global awareness that New Zealand is a very good place to do business in, new businesses; especially those owned by foreigners, are springing up in the country.

And since most of these businesses would require experts to help them settle down fast and connect well with consumers, there are opportunities for professionals that offer various services that help new businesses thrive.

So, if you are a business consultant, or a marketer, or a business plan developer, and so on, you have a large market to serve in New Zealand.

  1. Recycling

Wastes are inevitable, and this is true everywhere. From sewage and refuse to non-biodegradable wastes like plastic and glass.

There is a dire need for waste recycling facilities in New Zealand, just as is the case in many other countries. If you have a solid background in waste management or recycling, opportunities await you in New Zealand.

  1. Agriculture

One of the ever-thriving businesses, agriculture has always been a money-spinner in New Zealand. And with increasing awareness of the benefits of organic farming, there is booming demand for agric products developed organically.

You can start a small farm and grow fruits and vegetables organically. You will make steady profit because there is always huge demand for these products as well as meat and dairy products. So, you may want to start rearing animals for their meat and milk, too.

  1. Tourism

Annually, several thousands of tourists visit New Zealand on vacation. And this happens throughout the year. So, there’s no specific season for this.

Investors can tap from the huge potential in the tourism sector by starting businesses that cater to tourists; with respect to hotels, home stays, transport services, tourist guide services, restaurants, etc.

  1. Healthcare equipment

The healthcare sector in New Zealand keeps growing at a steady rate. But there now seems to be a shift in demand from healthcare services to healthcare devices, equipment, and machinery.

So, if you have a background in healthcare, you can start a business that sells healthcare solutions such as medical equipment, medical software, devices for diagnosis, and so on. And you can render your services as well.

  1. Retail

Retail stores sell everywhere, even in countries where there is still competition. So, starting a retail business in New Zealand, where there’s little competition, is a very smart move that will enrich you in the long term.

To keep abreast of current trends, your store must offer e-commerce services that allow customers to place and receive their orders without leaving their locations.

  1. Tech devices

Smartphones, tablet computers, and PCs are always in high demand in New Zealand. If you start a business that imports high quality technology devices, you will have a large market to cater to. So, it’s another hot business opportunity.

  1. Online marketing

Because many businesses in New Zealand are using the web to hunt for customers, businesses need to up their game in order to win more customers than their competition. To achieve this goal, businesses are hiring the services of online marketing experts.

If you are a copywriter, a web designer, an SEO expert, or some other online marketing expert, there are many opportunities for you in New Zealand.

  1. Processed foods and snacks

As is the case in many other countries, New Zealand is a good market for processed foods and fruits as well as snacks. So, businesses that manufacture these foods or that import them would thrive well in the country.

  1. Maintenance services

If you are a mechanical engineer, an electrical engineer, a plumbing expert, or some other professional, you can start a business that renders maintenance services.

There is increasing demand for maintenance services in New Zealand as more individuals and businesses are now realising that maintaining assets and facilities costs much less than repairing or replacing them.