5 Tech Innovations That Thrived During The Pandemic


The innovations in the tech industry that thrive during a pandemic are diverse. but all of them are really helpful during a pandemic.

Some innovations are about different ways to make transactions online without revealing your identity while doing it.

Some of them are useful because a lot of people probably migrate to their loved ones or friends during the pandemic, so getting food and other necessities becomes really hard if you’re not at home. So innovations that help with delivering these necessities are a huge help.

Another innovation that thrives during a pandemic is communication innovations. This kind of innovation can be really helpful to stay in touch with your family and friends when traveling to different places.

The innovations in the tech industry that thrive during a pandemic all have one thing in common: they help people during a pandemic mostly in hard times.

By providing innovations that help with information, food and money delivery, and communication, the tech industry is really helpful during a pandemic.

Here are some tech innovations which gain their momentum during the pandemic:


At a time when people are migrating to different places and the borders of countries might be closed, innovations that help with food delivery can help a lot. Apps like “Uber Eats” have been growing rapidly every year because they help during a pandemic period. People who can’t get food have access to a lot of restaurants through the app and can get their favorite foods delivered.¬†

These apps also help the restaurant’s owner because they don’t lose any customers while the pandemic is going on.


Other innovations that thrive during a pandemic are innovations in which you can transfer money, especially if your country’s currency takes a big hit.

Like for example when Venezuela was attacked with Hyperinflation there were people who bought Dash and Ethereum to transfer their money so they could have a more stable currency.


Apps like “Cisco Webex” provide online meetings which are useful because people might be migrating during the pandemic period. Also, since a lot of people are probably traveling for health reasons, innovations that help with staying in touch like this one are really helpful. Also, innovations that help with online meetings can be used for work purposes when people have to meet their teams working remotely.

But the one which really dominates in this area is Zoom. Zoom is an app that helps with meetings, having conversations, and sharing documents. It also integrates really easily with other apps like slack or Cisco Webex so integrating Zoom in the work environment is pretty simple.


Cryptocurrencies are innovations that provide anonymous payment methods through blockchain technology. The use cases for cryptocurrencies are growing day after day because of their security and stability.

People who travel will find it really helpful to pay without revealing their identity and blockchain technology offers a lot of possibilities in this area.

Since cryptocurrencies take anonymity to a whole new level, they have been gaining momentum during the pandemic period. They are being used more and more in many areas relating to online payment and transactions.

One which gains a lot of traction is the usage of cryptocurrency on online sports betting. With the amount of money rolling in this industry, the incorporation with crypto will be a huge boost for the industry and will undoubtedly push more and more crypto betting sites to emerge.


Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Apps that deliver tele-health services are gaining momentum during the pandemic. By using innovations in machine learning, doctors can use apps to monitor their patients remotely.

They also help with providing medication online and they are growing rapidly because of the increase in usage during a pandemic period.

It can be concluded that innovations in the tech industry which thrive during a pandemic period are really helpful for people to stay connected and get the help they need.

Pandemic forces a lot of our normal activities to shift but with the help of tech innovations we can stay afloat and continue with our daily lives.