Digital Marketing 101: Top Strategies To Increase Traffic To Your Website

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By Indu Bala

Neil Patel has suggested some strategies for generating more traffic on your website. The strategies not only make your blog valuable but also increases the sale rate of your product.

  • Create Viral Content

There are many content writers who do not know how to create viral content as they fail to understand that there are many sites that successfully work in creating viral content everyday.

It is important to keep in mind that you include heading and subheading in your content.

Increase the length of your content (2500 to 3000 words) which attracts more keywords to be added in your account. And thus, it will be the most searched content.

  • Create evergreen list posts

You must choose a topic on which you are writing which is available on a magazine or any popular site so that it shows that your topic is quite famous.

The evergreen list posts are successful as each of the posts makes certain promises and is also useful.

Also make sure that you write the higher number in the title as it will result in an optimal result. Also, for not copy and paste the headline of someone else’s content.

  • Create spreadsheet

It is always recommended that you must create the spreadsheet before you start the keyword research.

Usually, the first column contains the URL and in the next column there are key phrases related to the adjacent URL. Moreover, except the volume and competition you must also focus on the creation of some context.

The ranking of the keywords is less important than the preference, search and the location.

The Google search engine basically works on the prediction and suggests you the items or data before you search for it.

  • Use Email for generating traffic

There are billions of email accounts and billions of emails are shared on an average day. In less than 24 hours, a single email can earn a huge amount of money.

But there is also a disadvantage that there is a very low chance  of getting traffic through an email. So, you have to only make your subscribers open your emails.

You must also look for the privileged minorities so that your website gets successful without everyone present on your list.

  • Create twisted blogging

The guest blogging is also called the twisted blogging which increases the traffic for your landing page and also helps you in building the list for you.

It is recommended that you get your guest post feature on high traffic and have the relevant blogs.

Also, you can increase the traffic by using the keywords which has the long-tail keyword phrases and it is not necessary to include the backline.

Before posting your blog, it is recommended that you research the blogs with social influence and look for the sites with high rank.

  • Write for your audience

Before posting your blog finally, look out that the content targets the audience directly and if not then you must better reconstruct it.

If you are not getting any feedback or suggestion then what you are posting for a period of time is somewhat worthless. Write in the language of the audience so that they better understand it and share your post and eventually your content will reach to the peak. If you have any product to promote then you can try free classified ad posting on INGL.

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