How To Get Your Local Business Get Noticed Online Faster?


By Michael Davis

Getting noticed by the audience has always been paramount for any business, but in today’s economy, it is a matter of survival.

The more people you can get to your brand, the more life you buy for your brand. Therefore, I am going to talk about creating noteworthy online presences today.

While there are tons of strategies you can employ to create a noticeable brand online, most of them require a lot out of your time, money, and effort.

Keeping the situation of Covid-19 in mind as well as the struggling economy, I have decided to focus only on those strategies that are cost-effective and do not require too many technical skills.

  1. Create a Fabulous Logo and a Fantastic Website

Want to make an instant impression? Invest in a killer logo! Something that hooks the mind, that is a pleasure to look at, and represents your brand to a T.

While creating such a logo is usually an expensive affair, there are tons of online free logo maker tools that help you get a creative and professional logo ready in minutes.

It’s true for your website, too. While it won’t come free, there are affordable solutions to try.

WordPress is a great web-building tool that is easy on the pocket and helps you build and establish your website with the help of premade templates, loads of plug-ins, and an intuitive interface.

Websites created on WordPress are mobile-friendly so that’s also a plus. When creating your brand’s visuals, make sure you are able to stick to a color palette, a font system, and there is consistency and harmony between your logo and website design.

  1. Use Multiple Channels

Get in touch with your audience on more platforms than one. Sure, a big chunk of your target market may be present on Twitter but don’t forget those smaller groups of customers that may be more loyal to another media platform.

Therefore, create your profiles – and keep the accounts live and running – on all major social media outlets. We all know about Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. But TikTok, Snapchat, Quora, and Pinterest are also worth putting effort into.

  1. Create Interesting Content And Make It Easy To Share

Content is what drives your social media and your website – products alone won’t be able to bring in the ton of organic traffic. Therefore, use your content wisely.

In addition to creating promotional content, also create videos, infographics, slideshows, and images that inform and entertain. Be a fun brand that’s able to laugh and genuinely connect with its audience.

Also, ensure to make the content easy to share. Add social media buttons on every page of your website so every piece of content is shareable.

For the visual content, make it easy to embed and link back to. The more interesting, informative, and fun content you share, the more it’ll add to your brand image of being an industry expert.

  1. Run A Product Sampling Campaign

One of the struggles most local businesses face in their initial days online is the lack of customer reviews and testimonials. Some use the shortcut of buying fake reviews. Please do not do that. It may get you the initial stars but can backfire at any moment. Instead, create a free product sampling campaign.

Send your free product samples to online influencers and YouTubers and ask them to post their honest and unbiased reviews. When the influencers do so, they’ll also post a link to your website or social handle and it’ll help you get to the road of real success.

  1. Partner With Others

Partner with other local businesses, schools, colleges, and organizations to get the word out. Start creation contests and reward programs etc. that promote multiple local organizations and businesses.

When you partner with others and create such programs, other businesses feel happy to include you in joint promotions and you all can take advantage of each others’ online following and website traffic.

Before I Go, a Bonus Tip Your Way: Deliver Great Customer Services

Nothing gets the word out as effectively as great customer service. People love recommending to other people the brands they love. To remain on top of your customer services, always give thorough and prompt replies. Have the latest information ready to share. Try to resolve customer problems as much as you can, accept your mistakes, and try to correct them.

Remember, when you treat people right, they remember it for a long time and will reward you by sending more business your way.

(The author is a freelance online writer and marketer. He loves gaming, scrolling Twitter, and sitting in coffee shops completing the first draft of his book.)