SPARRKS: Agile Business Coaching Beyond The C-Suite Execs



FOUNDED IN (Year): 2021

FOUNDER’S NAME: Nicolas Stephan & Jakob Hansen

THE IDEA: What is the problem being solved by your startup / business?:

Sparrks offers agile, one-on-one, and highly-effective business coaching to managers of all corporate levels. Individuals seeking to develop their leadership skills before Sparrks had to go through 10-16 sessions to complete a coaching journey.

With Sparrks, that journey consists of 2 to 4 coaching sessions, a solution that builds knowledge better and faster simultaneously. Customized to individual’s specific needs and present problems, Sparrks delivers premium value at a 50-75% lower cost than market average.

THE FOUNDER’S STORY: When and how did you come up with the idea for the business?:

Nicolas Stephan & Jakob Hansen came up with an idea of a business coaching with fewer coaching sessions than then market average during a casual discussion on an afternoon.

WHO IS THE CUSTOMER: What is the typical profile of your target customer? Where would they be located?:

Our customers all medium to big companies with branches mainly and across Europe.

LESSONS TO SHARE: What 3 key lessons from your startup journey you’d like to share with aspiring entrepreneurs?:

a) Be careful with whom you first hire.

b) Maintain confidence on the businessidea

c) Consider the bootstrap option.

HQ City: Berlin, Germany

Website URL:

Number of Employees: 5-25