Startup Funding: What It’s Going To Take To Get That First Check From An Investor


Author: Poornima Vijayashanker

Interview with Investment Partners at XFactor Ventures Danielle Morrill CEO and Founder of Mattermark and Ooshma Garg CEO and Founder of Gobble

All this month we’ve been exploring how startup fundraising is changing and why it’s going to continue to change in 2018.

We started off by talking about why you don’t want to reach out to an investor when you just have an idea, how to evaluate if seeking investment make sense for your business, and in the last episode why no matter how great your idea or business is you’re still going to receive a lot of NOs.

After what might seem like endless reality checks, I’ve saved the best episode for last, we’re going to be talking about what it’s going to take to get a yes from an investor. Ooshma Garg and Danielle Morrill are back. Ooshma is the CEO and Founder of Gobble, and Danielle is the CEO and Founder of Mattermark. They’ve both recently become investment partners at XFactor Ventures, an investment firm that’s focused on investing in female founders and mixed-gender teams.

You’ll learn:

  • Some of the uncomfortable activities you’re going to have to do find that first investor
  • How to approach the topic of check size
  • How to leverage that first check and attract additional investors who may have been on the fence
  • What the investment partners at XFactor Ventures are looking for and the types of startups they have already invested in


Finally, if you are a female founder or are on a mixed-gender founding team and want to pitch your startup to the partners are XFactor you can check out their website here and follow up with them via email:

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