Western Sydney University leads Cyber Security Forum in India


New Delhi: Western Sydney University (WSU) hosted a Cyber Security Forum in New Delhi this week, with a keynote presentation by celebrated author and ethical hacking expert, Benild Joseph.

The forum represented an invitation to students from India to participate in the program and help meet the global demand for expertise in the field. It explored current complexities around the malicious use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), and discussed new ideas to combat and control cybercrime, including the new field of cognitive hacking.

WSU is the only Australian university to offer a Bachelor of Cyber Security and Behaviour. Speaking at the conference, WSU Vice-Chancellor and President, Professor Barney Glover noted that around 27.4% of global crime is now carried out over the internet*, causing losses of up to $600 billion across the world.

“Hosting this forum in New Delhi underlines the imperative for international dialogue and partnership,” said Professor Glover. “At Western Sydney University, we are taking a global perspective on the issues of cyber security, and the demand for skilled people to help guide us through this next frontier.”

Professor Alana Marurushat, Professor of Cyber Security and Behaviour, Western Sydney University, noted the need for communication between government and industry to successfully mitigate cyber risk.

We need to constantly engage on how AI and machine-learning is used in cyber crime and evaluate the steps individuals, corporate and government entities must take towards dealing with its potential dangers,” she said.

The forum also addressed the cyber security diversity and skills shortage problem, noting despite cyber security threats increasing consistently each year, a deficit in the number of qualified employees in the industry remains.