Infographic: How Do You Compare To The Top 1% In World?

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Last year, the world’s combined global wealth increased by $14 trillion to a staggering $317 trillion, with the world’s richest 1% owning 50% of that amount.

With the average US full-time salary sitting at $56,516 – how much more would the majority of the US need to earn to enter the exclusive 1% club?

RS Components have analysed UK and US data to find out the average individual income brackets, percentiles, and the top one per cent in order to create an interactive tool to show how you are to the 1% club.

The average US salary for 2019 is said to be $56,516 for full-time employees working 40 hours a week.


Part-time workers in the US could expect to receive on average $26,797 per year. The US salary is said to have risen by 2.7% since 2018 for full-time workers.

According to the interactive tool, employees on the average US full-time salary are in the top 41%.

However, they would need to earn $253,717 per year more to be in the 1% club. To earn this figure alone it would take them over 5 years based on their total salary before tax.