The Costliest Cities To Rent A Co-Working Desk

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Co-working spaces are appearing more and more across the world, with the coworking workforce set to skyrocket to 50% by 2020.

UK-based Games Room retailer Liberty Games has analysed the number of WeWork offices around the world, along with the average price to rent a hotdesk and a private office, to reveal which cities are the best for co-working.

So which city comes top for co-working spaces? Here are some of the highlights:

  • New York City comes in first place as the city with most co-working spaces – 60 in total, with four of these having a games room to refresh and relax in.  

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  • The Co-working Space index reveals that the Indian city of Bengaluru is the cheapest city in which to rent both a private office and hot-desk in a co-working space, with a hot-desk costing £106 a month, and a private office costing £249 a month

  • The data reveals that London has a total of 47 co-working spaces, nine of which include a games room – this makes London the city with the highest amount of games rooms and the second highest number of co-working spaces overall 

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  • Tokyo, Japan is the most expensive city to rent a co-working space in, with a hot-desk costing £511 a month, and a private office costing £14,522 a month

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  • Toronto, Canada also comes out as one of the more expensive cities to rent an office space with a hotdesk costing $379 per month and a private office costing $3059 per month.

Research has found that having a games room in an office space can improve productivity, innovation and creativity, efficiency and also boost the morale and increase job satisfaction of employees.

Although New York comes top for the most co-working spaces, the cost of office spaces around the city can be pricey, with the average private office costing $1094 per month.

Second place goes to London, which has 47 co-working spaces around the city. London boasts the most offices with games rooms with nearly 1 in 5 (19%) offices having games rooms.

Shanghai comes in third place with 37 coworking spaces which is over double that of Seoul, South Korea. However, Shanghai only offers one office with a games room.

CITY AVG PRICE OF DESK (per month, $)
New York City 470
London 578
Shanghai 316
Los Angeles 395
SF Bay Area 498
Beijing 323
Seoul 310
Tokyo 650
Washington, D.C. 372
Seattle 365
Paris 465
São Paulo 311
Mexico City 245
Boston 419
Chicago 350
Mumbai 159
Dallas – Fort Worth 327
Denver 381
Toronto 379
Berlin 325
Singapore 424
Bengaluru 135
Sydney 372
Hong Kong 572
Atlanta 277
Miami 343
Bogotá 217
How does your city compare? See the full list of coworking spaces around the world in the infographic here.