3 Online Jobs You Can Start Today & Make Great Money


By Brian Roberts

Online jobs are more in-demand and more lucrative than ever before.From 2007-2012 online jobs grew 7x faster than the closest industry as per an Internet Association report published by the U.S. Census.
And that pace hasn’t slowed one bit.
In the last 15 years, the internet has created the same per capita GDP that took the Industrial Revolution 50 years to create, according to a 2011 McKinsey report.
There hasn’t been a better time in recent history to get into online jobs.Regardless of age or skill, there’s opportunity for you.
You don’t have to be a programmer, developer or data analyst to get a nice, big slice of the pie anymore.What follows are 3 of the most lucrative, entry level online jobs.
Whether you’re searching for online jobs for students, online jobs for moms or online jobs for teens, these will work for you.


With ecommerce, the sky is the limit as to how much you can earn!Ecommerce is the buying and selling of products using the internet, and it’s one of the best opportunities for people new to the world of online jobs.
And Shopify is at the forefront of the online sales revolution.What began in 2006 as a team of 5 meeting in a coffee shop has grown to over 4000+ workers in 5 offices all across North America, and Shopify’s online selling platform has over 800,000 merchants who collectively generate over $100B+ in sales
And nothing is stopping you from earning a piece of that pie.
You’re your own boss, so it’s not a traditional “online job”.But with a non-traditional role like this comes a non-traditional opportunity: to set your own schedule, set your own course in life, and, if you’re savvy, make as much money as you want.
There’s no risk either because Shopify even offers a free 14-day trial. Sign up and try, even if you’re not sure what to sell, because there’s never been a better time to sell online!
Oberlo is a great app to install in your Shopify store because it allows you to sell products you don’t have.
This is called “dropshipping” and it’s when you hold onto what you sell. Instead, you collect the revenue while a third-party packs and ships the products.You don’t have to spend any money on inventory this way, so it’s virtually risk-free and costs nothing to get started. Sign up today.


Online gig jobs pay anywhere from $5 to $10,000+
If you think you’re the only doing freelancing, or are on the fence about starting an alternative work arrangement, you wouldn’t be the first. It’s nerve racking to think of setting out on your own.

But you wouldn’t be alone: 36% of U.S. workers participate in the gig economy, according to a 2018 Gallup Poll report entitled “The Gig Economy and Alternative Work Arrangements.”

64% of gig workers say they’re doing their preferred type of work, and Fiverr is where to start.

Why? Because on Fiverr, the customers are already there–so you don’t have to market or sell–and in all likelihood their searching for exactly what it is you do best, cash in hand.

On Fiverr, a gig is bought every 5 seconds–and with over 25M+ projects completed–that next big gig could be yours. Prices vary per gig, between $5 all the way up to $10,000 per gig.

Payouts are fast and easy, too.

The top paying gig categories according to Fiverr are:

* Website building sounds a lot harder than it actually is. But you can build inexpensive websites easily using services like Weebly or Squarespace, then charge a fair markup for your time and costs, making it a win-win for everyone.
* Video marketing is a broad gig category, that involves everything from complex work like animation and video editing to smaller, much simpler tasks like simply sharing or transcribing videos.
* Business writing is a fun category if you’re into writing. According to a CNBC report, these online jobs are some of the highest-paying, averaging $100 to $2000 per project.


Transcribing pays anywhere from $15 to $25+ per hour.

The outlook for online jobs as a transcriptionist are largely positive. Although the job outlook for medical transcriptionists is expecting to decline by 3% from 2016 to 2026, other sectors are on the rise.

But the online jobs outlook for court reporters is projected to grow by 3% during that same timeframe. And if you know a foreign language, things are looking especially lucrative.

According to the BLS, the jobs outlook for these transcriptionists is very promising, with a growth projection of 18% through that same timeframe.

TranscribeMe has the highest paying online jobs for transcriptionists, paying anywhere from $15-$25+ per audio hour, with top earners making as much $2,200.

And if you have a medical or legal background, expect to earn even more!

Other online jobs in this field include captioning, subtitling, or translating. And everyone from law enforcement agencies to freelance journalists can use help with transcribing audio or video. If you’re creative, you can align yourself with a podcaster or other entertainment figure to transcribe their work, too.

(The article was first published on Carefulcents.com. Re-published by author.)