5 Dynamic Ways To Attract Attendees To Your Brand’s Event 

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

If organizing an event in coming days is on your priority list, your mind must be swamped with a number of thoughts. So naturally, grabbing the attention of attendees would be one of the recurring thoughts. The more the attendees, the more the reach for your brand you will be able to harness.

Since attracting attendees holds vital importance in achieving primary business objectives, we have created a guide to provide you with all the beneficial insights to amass a large event audience. So, why wait for another second? Let’s get this party started!

Ways To Attract Attendees For An Event

  • Display Instagram Wall

Choosing the appropriate social media channel for your next event could be critical, with many social media channels at our disposal.

For example, according to statistics, Instagram has a 25% higher level of brand engagement than other social media platforms.

An Instagram wall assists you display all of the posts that utilize your event’s hashtag, which is a terrific approach to getting more people to attend your next event. In addition, showing the posts on your live Instagram wall will encourage other attendees to comment on the occasion.

These Instagram posts will be seen by their followers, increasing the degree of engagement for your event even more. In addition, you can make the event even more exciting and lively by holding a contest and displaying all of the entries on a wall.

  • Create a Social Media Page

Social media communities are a miraculous tool that you can and should use to your absolute advantage as an event planner. Social media is a free and easy way to market your event, so making its use is a no-brainer in reality.

Since social media has become the virtual identity of people and the go-to platform for the latest news, creating a social media page for your event way before the actual day would get the ball rolling.

Create your event’s page on all social media platforms, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ or Instagram, and invite your potential attendees. Use these pages as a launchpad for conversations. You can have an online meeting place to socialize, discuss, and plan your event itineraries.

Create communities for your event across several platforms. It will allow you to communicate with and interact with possible guests. Please provide them with value through content and a positive community experience. They might even return the favor by spreading the news on your behalf.

  • Personalized Email Marketing

Personalization can be regarded as one of the most powerful aspects of email marketing since it allows you to capture someone’s attention. It is precious to make an effort and tailor an email invitation to the recipient.

There are many email marketing software out there that can help you collect data about users who explore your website and sign up for your mailing list.

When you have all of the information you need, make a simple modification like adding your potential event guest’s name or personalizing the subject line to make it appear as if the note was written specifically for them.

Everything should be focused on getting them to finish this task. Make a noticeable CTA and use an appropriate button to urge your readers to do what you want.

  • Use An Event App

Tools like an event app could turn out to be a masterstroke as far as attendee engagement is concerned. With the contact list on your phone, you can send out invites to your event to all your contacts. A brilliant way to reach your target group and keep tabs on the level of engagement that is showcasing towards your event.

Add another layer of tactic to this feature by creating a poll for your group. Bringing this into consideration you can keep a track of their expectations and look to fulfill them accordingly.

With an event app in place, you do not have to wait until the end of the event to work on the marketing strategy, you can make the changes during the promotion part if you feel necessary.

  • Virtual Tickets/Webcasts

Even after you have done an incredible promotion to make attendees excited about your event, they might not be able to travel to your event owing to personal reasons. To throw this problem out of the window, you can provide virtual tickets to your followers through which they can stay connected to your incredible event.

To make their experience even more exciting, you can offer them recorded segments of your event which they can relish at any time or place they want.

Engage more attendees on latest platforms and expand the reach of your event.

Wrapping Up

Attendees are the heart and soul of any event. The more, the better. We have provided you with the information that would help you draw maximum attendee engagement with the minimum fuss.

Now, the choice is upon you whether you want to enact all pointers or some of them. However, we know one thing for sure, bringing this guide into action would give you a headstart in gaining brand recognition.