How To Release Guilt & Regret From Your Subconscious


By Manisha Udeshi

Emotions are nothing but energy in motion and energy flows where attention goes.

Are you fighting with negative emotions of guilts, regret, anger?

Let us Learn to deal with them and heal them.

Negative emotions affect our body and mind. They release hormones which in turn lead to disease which, manifest as physical illnesses, stress, anger and I funnily call it a trait leading to zombiness.

Let us learn to deal with them and heal ourselves. So let us take out our journals, (if we haven’t made one , get one quickly.

First let us deal with the emotion of guilt.

1. Make a list of all the situations, incidents, and actions that you are guilty about.
2. Now when you are writing be aware of your feelings.
3. Is there anger towards self, irritation or whatever and however you can describe it. Just observe and be aware of what you are feeling.
4. Now recognise these feelings, acknowledge them, be with them experience them and now release them.

Let us make it little easier, if you are unable to accomplish this close your eyes, allow yourself to be relaxed, take 5 deep breaths, inhaling, and exhaling with complete awareness visualise a very beautiful decorative box in front of you, and gently place all the guilts in that box.

Now allow this box to float away in the air just like a light cloud. Allow it to move far far away till you see it no more, & voila you start feeling lighter and lighter as you release the burden of guilt that you had been carrying for such a long time.

Now how are you feeling.

Great now next is to deal with your regrets.

Well! start writing down again.

Let’s go back a little in life and think over, what are the regrets that we are holding.

When in school, college, regarding career, marriage, relationships and so on.

Until and unless you do not write down you lose focus.

Great now once again while we write be observant of your feelings.

Acknowledge of being aware of them. Feel the feelings and let them go now.

So now let us see how are we feeling? Can we change these feelings?

If feeling better, lighter, relaxed??? Write down your feelings.

Now let us be grateful for all that we have experienced regret, guilt, anger, as this has taught us a lesson.

Next appreciate yourself for being strong to reach here and learn the lessons of life.

So, let us once again meditate to clear the residue.

Very gently close your eyes, take 5 deep breaths in, and slowly breathe out.

Next visualise a white light flowing in from top of your head ,moving inwards to your face, shining it bright and light, gently moving in through your face to your neck, through your shoulders onto your hands cleansing and clearing any residual memories.

Allow the light to move down through your chest, and waist to your hips and thighs, downwards to your legs, through knees and to move down towards your feet.

You are absolutely drenched in the white healing light and are calm, and crystal clear.

Once you feel calmer very gently open your eyes and observe how are you feeling.

I am sure that was easy to follow and feel. Well you can follow these steps as and when you want to.

Release all stress, regrets, guilts anger and sadness.

Do let me know how you feel.

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About Author:

Manisha Udeshi is a Holistic Healer and a Wellness Coach. With over nine years of experience, she is a Theta healer, in addition to being an Access Bar practitioner. Her experience @ Ahem Creations in counselling and coaching has helped many in managing stress, healing relationships, overcoming physical ailments, manifesting dreams and attracting financial abundance.

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