Making Britain Great Again: Top Cities for Starting Up A Business In the UK

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WebsiteToolTesters has conducted new research to see how many people would like to set up their own business in the future.

But which parts of Britain are the most entrepreneurial, how does age come into play and how much money do people think is needed to start a business from scratch?

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The survey asked people around the UK whether they were considering starting a business in the next five years, to see which parts of Britain are the most entrepreneurial. Whilst some are ready to take the leap, many lack the confidence it takes to start their own venture.

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It asked males and females about their opinions on setting up a business, to see if there was an entrepreneurial gender split.

On the whole, it seems men are more confident when starting a business.

However, there was only a 6% difference in how many men and women considered themselves entrepreneurial.

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Knowing the right time to start a business can be a difficult call to make, but according to the survey, 30 years old is the best age to kick start your new venture.

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Having found the confidence to undertake a new entrepreneurial venture, 40% believe the first thing you need is a website, but how much money do Brits think they’d need in order to start a business?

Almost half (46%) of Brits think they would need over £20,000 to start a new business. Take a look at the graph below to see how much money people think is needed to take the plunge.

EntrepreneurialBritain Infographic Funding

Starting a business does come with a lot of risks, but with so many tools and services available including platforms to create your own website and networking events where you can find support, people of all ages and backgrounds can make their entrepreneurial dreams a reality.

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