How To Chart A Meaningful Career In Fitness?

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By Rishikesh Kumar 

If you have a passion for working out, love being healthy, and enjoy being active and helping people, a career in the fitness industry could be a good match.

Fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body but also provides you with comprehensive wellness solutions.

The fast-paced modern lifestyle has led to an unimaginable amount of physical and psychological stress on the human body and mind.

Consequently, the demand for professional trainers and fitness instructors has increased manifold. It is not just the celebrities and the elite who want to stay fit, but the fitness bug has stung a large chunk of professional urbanites.

Individuals from around the sphere are striving hard to improve their overall wellness and to attain the lean, fit and strong body.

Here are a few points which will help aspirants to draw the right path towards a career in fitness- 

Go for the right Certification:

Fitness professionals are booming as an essential part of the allied health industry. So, how one will know whether the fitness professional they hired (or are simply stocking on social media) is, in fact, a truly qualified pro?

The answer lies in accredited certification. Being certified is from a legitimate certifying agency is imperative to safely and effectively design fitness programs that help clients achieve their goals.

Also, it establishes your credibility and helps fitness professionals to differentiate themselves from other trainers. There are several courses available in different institutes that train fitness instructors.

Some of these courses conduct written and practical examinations to qualify you to get globally accepted fitness instructor certifications, whose duration ranges from 2-3 months.

You can also expand your fitness training expertise with speciality courses to become an expert in your desired field by enrolling for specialized courses. It helps enhance your knowledge giving you an edge over the competition.

Training with a good coach

The demand for fitness instructors in India is augmenting. Hence, there is no dearth of avenues to make a remarkable career in fitness.

For those with few or limited resources, the best way to embark on a rewarding career in the industry is to get training under some good coach or a fitness trainer.

Under the training period, you get a chance to observe and learn about body movements, to keep abreast with latest technologies in gym equipment and industry standards.

Maintain consistency

Exploring the fitness field is not everyone’s cup of tea. If you wish to enter this industry, you need of fitness freak commitment to being fit and helping others achieve the same.

Successful fitness trainers endeavour to inspire others and make them feel positive about embracing a healthy lifestyle.

Whether you want to transform your lifestyle into a career, or maybe you want to see other people healthier and happier in their lives. Whatever you want to accomplish out of your fitness career, consistency is the key.

Work on your fitness routine

If you are passionate about fitness, health and wellness and are planning to pursue a career out of it, it’s important to maintain the fitness routine for yourself.

As people tend to get inspire from professional trainers, they follow their advice and tries to improve their lifestyles through learning and to challenge themselves physically.

It’s the trainer’s responsibility to motivate their clients and help them understand that they can achieve their fitness goals. After all, their bodies should basically be an advertisement for their own level of success.

Certification & Nutrition go hand in hand 

Most of the people have the misperception that being a fitness trainer just means hanging out in a gym acting like a drill sergeant, but this is too far away from what is true.

Being a successful trainer actually requires knowledge in a number of diverse subjects, including nutrition. Nutrition and training go hand-in-hand, and the results come only when both are simultaneously considered. And as a fitness expert, one should talk about both areas with clients.

They should not only help to fulfil the weight loss or body-building goals of their clients but should also have the ability to help them establish healthy habits to adhere to those goals.

So, if you have a strong desire to assist others in achieving their health and fitness goals and teaching them the way to embrace and appreciate fitness as much as you do, it’s time to give this career some serious consideration.

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Rishikesh Kumar is Founder & CEO, Xtraliving, a startup that works on providing sustainable fitness solutions. Exercise, Nutrition, Wellness and Recovery as the pillars of ultimate human performance. Their coaching program aims at delivering nutrition knowledge, lifestyle changes and personalised workouts.