5 Daily Steps To Release Negative Thoughts & Achieve Mental Wellbeing


By Manisha Udeshi

The World health organisation defines ‘Mental Wellbeing’ as a – A state of being where an individual realises his / her abilities & can cope with normal stress of life, can work productively and fruitfully and is able to make a contribution to his or her society.

In simple terms, it is to maintain a balance between your mental, emotional, and spiritual actions.

Is it possible to achieve such a state of balance, especially in such current trying times?

How does one cope with the imbalances and strive towards balance?

When your life is like a roller coaster ride and we are in a state of worry and anxiety , doesn’t maintaining a balance seem a bit far-fetched thought?

Well, this is the time to rejuvenate, build yourself, take up an activity, connect to people for work, relationships, and create a platform for self to progress.

Let us think about it as our rest period, our vacation to regenerate our mind, body and rejuvenate our spirit with a new energy, love and enthusiasm.

Let us follow some simple steps to achieve our equilibrium.

  1. Sleep well
  2. Eat healthy
  3. Be active
  4. Be social (online of-course)
  5. Pick up new skills, a new hobby.
  6. Mental work out puzzles, games etc.
  7. Social service (gives immense satisfaction.)
  8. Meditate
  9. Read
  10. Manage stress
  11. Laugh more.

Managing stress or achieving mental wellbeing is all about creating a shift of mind, organising or rather managing work and self – living with an awareness and to see challenges as opportunities.

Let us understand and bring our awareness to the point that we think approximately 60,000 to 70,000 thoughts per day, which invariably are repeated too, and lead to no subsequent positive outcome.

The trick here is to hold on to the thoughts which we feel are beneficial, positive, constructive, and productive.

The rest we need to discard, and the processes we discussed above, can help.

The trick here is to be in the present in the now and to not entertain a negative thought.

This technique of allowing the negative thoughts to let go, comes with meditation and practice. It’s perfectly ok to feel whatever emotion is surfacing, allow it to flow and then release.

Let all emotions of insecurity, anger, agitation, loneliness, surface and release.

It’s a simple technique of 5 Steps: 

1.Calmly and comfortably sit in a quiet place where you are unlikely to be disturbed.

2.Take a few conscious deep breaths, close your eyes gently. Bring your awareness to the centre of your heart, every time you tend to divert. Now imagine a big balloon in front of your eyes and just allow the train of thoughts to pass, you don’t need to get onto all the trains, right?

3.Be with the one that feels good and the rest of the negative thoughts can be put into the big balloon….

As you feel lighter and feel that the balloon is full, allow it to move upwards, just release it, let go, let go till you see it no more.

4.Now be with your happy thoughts, feel the energy, feel the joy and its emotions, and once you feel light and good very gently open your eyes,

5.Sip some water and you are ready to go for the day.

Do follow these tips and feel happy, feel lighter, feel the joy.

Do connect to me anytime for further guidance.

About Author:

Manisha Udeshi is a Holistic Healer and a Wellness Coach. With over nine years of experience, she is a Theta healer, in addition to being an Access Bar practitioner. Her experience @ Ahem Creations in counselling and coaching has helped many in managing stress, healing relationships, overcoming physical ailments, manifesting dreams and attracting financial abundance.

(You may connect with author at mudeshi_8@hotmail.com. To stay connected and for your daily dose of positivity – follow her on –Instagram: https://instagram.com/ahemcreations?igshid=rcox006zqvzh)