STARTUPS 101: Operwell – A Software To Help You Operate 100% Remotely


Company name: Operwell, Inc – Software to operate a business 100% remotely.

Location: Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Problem being solved: There are over 10,000 hyper-specialized productivity tools for knowledge workers to choose from to run their business.

Currently, we’re forced to self-curate resulting in the average SMB buying 72 different subscriptions to run their business.

This “software collection” results in having duplicate, overlapping features where 80% of the tools offered are never used- by anyone, ever.

There are high training costs to teach employees the wrong software, there is wasted efficiency as the software will often not integrate or “speak to” other software, there is wasted time as we search for the correct software, there’s wasted money in paying tens of thousands of dollars for so many recurring subscriptions.

Operwell solves these problems by giving you an all-in-one platform that contains the same tools used by the world’s most powerful companies across all of your core business functions. The platform is purposefully designed to synchronize your actions between every function and to automate manual tasks.

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Number of Employees: 1-5

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