Time for my 501st adventure…

Arjun Dev Arora

After an incredible journey at 500 Startups, I am now getting ready for my next adventure.

Author: Arjun Dev Arora

I came into 500 Startups right after spending time operating and building companies as a founder and was incredibly excited to start leveraging my experience angel investing / advising to “go pro.” I joined as an EIR and was fortunate to work on Marvin Liao’s wonderful team (SF Accelerator) selecting and then guiding phenomenal founders from around the world. I especially enjoyed getting to focus on helping them with fundraising, leadership, strategy, marketing and hiring. It was amazing to speak all over the world, meet visionary founders and then be able to play a small part in bringing their visions to reality.

After spending time working in the accelerator, I became a Partner and led our efforts for fundraising and investor relations across our main fund while continuing to source startups and support our portfolio companies. I led our efforts to raise Fund IV and am extremely proud of our team (Jon, Jonathan, Julia, Alfredo) who even through the very trying times of the summer of 2017, stayed focused and got it done.

I feel so fortunate to have been able travel all over the world connecting with the founders, LPs, corporates, governments and others who are excited about building a better future through technology, early stage investing and the entrepreneurial mindset. After this experience, I remain optimistic that we are heading towards a better future.

I am deeply grateful to the Executive Management Team at 500 for giving me the opportunity to invest in and support so many incredible founders across the world and build and maintain relationships with our wonderful global LP base.

I will always be #500Strong and #500Family.

As far as what’s next, I am going to take some time off and then start to figure it out. One thing I do know going forward, I will continue to be engaged in the technology, startup and investing ecosystem I love so much. I look forward to backing and helping passionate, visionary, gritty, high EQ & IQ founders.

 source: medium.com