ZEGAL: Legal Templates Platform To Help Small Business

Credit: Pixabay

NAME OF STARTUP:: Zegal Limited

FOUNDED IN (Year): 2014

FOUNDER: Daniel Walker

THE IDEA: What is the problem being solved by your startup / business?:

Zegal is the end-to-end platform for the legals smaller companies need.

THE FOUNDER’S STORY: When and how did you come up with the idea for the business?:

Zegal was founded in 2014 by lawyer friends Daniel Walker and Jake Fisch. Having been a part of the system that preserves quality legal advice only for those that can afford it, the two were determined to build a model that delivers the ‘corporate law firm’ experience to small business.

WHO IS THE CUSTOMER: What is the typical profile of your target customer? Where would they be located?:

Freelancer, small business, medium business and large enterprises

LESSONS TO SHARE: What 3 key lessons from your startup journey you’d like to share with aspiring entrepreneurs?:

1.Learn To deal with failure

2.Work hard

3.Be consistent

HQ City: Hong Kong

Website URL: http://zegal.com/

Number of Employees: 50-100

LinkedIN URL: https://www.linkedin.com/in/daniel-walker-zegal/