LEADJET: Connect CRM With LinkedIn To Manage Leads Efficiently

Credit: https://soffront.com/


FOUNDER: David Chevalier


THE IDEA: What is the problem being solved by your startup / business?:

Leadjet lets you connect your CRM to LinkedIn through a browser extension. Create and enrich contacts, find qualified emails, and synchronize LinkedIn conversations – directly from your prospect’s LinkedIn profile to your CRM in one-click. Stop wasting time on manual lead capturing and data entry. Integrating with Leadjet means 4x faster sourcing.

THE FOUNDER’S STORY: When and how did you come up with the idea for the business?:

February 13, Berkeley University north of San Francisco. Having just graduated from an exciting course on Go-To-Market given by a brilliant professional like Silicon Valley in countless numbers, I hurry to the library to meet up with Romain, my tech associate.

Romain and I then work with two other people on the creation of a virtual phone, a pro app on the personal phone of the employees gathering all their apps and professional data.

Designated “Sales” of the team, I work on defining the processes necessary to set up an efficient sales system: Creation of a CRM (Hubspot), taking Sales Navigator licenses. In full customer discovery, I have to explain to Romain how LinkedIn and Hubspot work.

That’s how Romain and I launched our side project. Here we are in mid-March and about ten start-ups are interested in beta-testing our product. The coronavirus crisis hits us in the face, our school pushes us to reach the French territory before the borders close.

WHO IS THE CUSTOMER: What is the typical profile of your target customer? Where would they be located?:

Salespeople, using LinkedIn for prospecting.

HQ City: Paris

Website URL: https://www.leadjet.io

Number of Employees: 5-25

LinkedIN URL: https://www.linkedin.com/company/leadjet/