Contact Launches New ‘Good Nights’ Electricity Plan


AUG 18, 2021: Contact Energy (“Contact”) has released a brand-new power plan for Kiwi consumers, offering a whopping three hours of free power a night, between 9pm and midnight.

The new “Good Nights” plan includes three free hours of no-questions-asked power between 9pm and midnight every night of the week when customers sign up for 12 months. The plan will initially be available until October this year as a trial run, and anyone can sign up to it.

Contact’s Chief Customer Officer Matt Bolton said, “We want our customers to have a good night on Contact. We believe home is the most important place in the world, and a home should be warm, connected and safe.  If you sign up to Good Nights, you get three hours of free power a day, 21 free hours per week or 90 free hours per month. It all adds up to 45 days of free power a year to keep your whānau warm.

“It is exciting to launch a plan that has the potential to help Kiwi families save money. From our research we know that even if customers don’t change any of their consumption habits, they can save money on this plan. We’re encouraging everyone to check and see if it might be for them.”

Mr Bolton said Contact would keep a close eye on usage and behaviour to see what benefits three free hours of power a night can deliver. “Given current circumstances around power usage peaking drastically and causing significant issues for our national grid, we think our new plan will help flatten those heavy peaks.”

“Our customers can choose to move non-essential power use to later in the evening helping to balance peak power use and even better, it will save our customers money too,” he added.

Mr Bolton said Contact was also providing 2,500 safe nights to Women’s Refuge through their Safe-Night-a-thon appeal. “Having a good night at home is important to us but we know not everyone has a safe place to return home to. We wanted to do something to help out women and children experiencing family violence, who don’t have the luxury of being able to be home and safe at the end of each day.”