Ad-Tech firm Nearby Group acquires controlling stake in UK-based NexusEngage


Nearbuy Group, a leading retail and Ad tech company, born and headquartered in Dubai, is now the majority shareholder in NexusEngage Ltd, a UK-based company which turns empty retail space into an experience that enhances the customers’ shopping journey and drives footfall into targeted retailers in order to generate sales revenue. 

This controlling stake is a synergistic acquisition offering global partnership opportunities for all stakeholders.

Dubai-founded Nearby Group and NexusEngage share a common vision, working in harmony to create immersive, engaging, disruptive, digital solutions for the retail industry. 

Nearbuy Group is a multi-awarded digital company, born in 2014 and headquartered in Dubai, which offers innovative technology that blends and interacts with audiences on an elevated level. Nearbuy Group’s  technologies include Wayfinder, Holograms, Robotics, Interactive Applications, and Digital Signage to guide, engage, and advertise visitors in shopping malls, retail stores, hypermarkets and many other large public areas. 

Combined, the two businesses bring together a highly enviable skill-base that has led them to work with some leading brands, landlords and shopping centres owners including for example Mall of Switzerland, Westfield and Hammerson in the UK, The Dubai Mall, Al Futtaim in the UAE, Arabian Centre in KSA and other major landmarks in Europe and Malaysia.

Owning and managing the largest Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) advertising network in the UAE, Nearby Group has built a successful business through innovation in digital technology. 

It creates unique and impactful ways to communicate real-time content and advertising to consumers relevant to their location and preferences. It integrates its retailtainment and phygital solutions to further enhance the shopper’s engagement experience based on data analytics.

The multi-award-winning company operates across the globe in countries such as Netherlands, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Lebanon, Oman, KSA, Qatar and Malaysia providing its technologies to optimize visitors’ engagement through visual wayfinding, mobile map, holographic displays, robotic AI, and interactive applications.

These exciting and immersive solutions are entirely complementary to those successfully delivered by NexusEngage.

Nicolas Standaert, CEO and founder of Nearbuy Group, said “This acquisition is part of our company’s strategy to strengthen its European footprint and enlarge our value proposition”. 

He further adds “By acquiring NexusEngage, we aim to spread our know-how and joint expertise to the UK market and beyond, add value for our clients and position ourselves as a ‘one stop shop’ offering the retail industry a full package of phygital and retailtainment integrated solutions.”

After a successful 15-years career in the energy business, led by his passion for cutting-edge and disruptive technology, Nicolas founded Nearbuy Group in 2013. 

Simon Ellson, Managing Director for NexusEngage and a European sales and marketing veteran added “This is a great moment for NexusEngage, having grown the business to the point that we are now, working with some of the biggest brands, shopping centre management groups and retailers is something that I am incredibly proud of.”