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Why Netizens In UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar Top VPN Adoption In The World

By John C. Arab countries are the top 5 VPN adopters worldwide with 24% penetration According to data gathered and analyzed by the Atlas VPN research...

10 Essential Tools You Need to Start Creating Podcasts

Apart from the growing population of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube users, there is also a small budding community in podcasting that offers a...

Rebranding Your Business? Things To Keep In Mind Before Changing Image

By Abigail Neville Some might argue that there's no better time to rebrand a business than when it's small. Before it gets too much brand-name...

[Infographic]: The Consumer Inventions Of The Last 3 Decades

With 2020 slowly coming to a close and it being nearly 30 years since the 90s began, we wanted to look back at some...

Global AI Spending To Surge 120%, Hit $110 billion by 2024

By Jastra Kanjec Recent years have witnessed a swell in the adoption of artificial intelligence solutions, revolutionizing industries, and helping businesses boost growth. The rising volume...