PSIBORG: Outsource Your IoT Product Design & Innovation



FOUNDED IN (Year): 2018

FOUNDER’S NAME: PsiBorg Technologies

THE IDEA: What is the problem being solved by your startup / business?:

Psiborg solves the challenge of seamless integration in the Internet of Things (IoT) landscape. Our startup specializes in developing innovative IoT solutions, enabling efficient communication and connectivity between devices.

By creating robust and scalable IoT frameworks, Psiborg empowers businesses to harness the full potential of interconnected technologies for improved efficiency and productivity.

THE FOUNDER’S STORY: When and how did you come up with the idea for the business?:

Psiborg’s inception arose from a collective passion for advancing IoT capabilities. In 2018, the founders, inspired by the potential of interconnected technologies, envisioned a company that could bridge gaps in IoT development. Fueled by innovation, Psiborg was born to create impactful solutions for a connected world.

WHO IS THE CUSTOMER: What is the typical profile of your target customer? Where would they be located?:

Psiborg’s target customers are diverse, including businesses across industries seeking IoT solutions for enhanced operations. Our clients range from manufacturing and healthcare to smart cities. Located globally, they share a common interest in leveraging IoT technologies to optimize processes, improve data insights, and drive innovation in their respective domains.

LESSONS TO SHARE: What 3 key lessons from your startup journey you’d like to share with aspiring entrepreneurs?:

Adaptability: Embrace change and be adaptable to evolving market demands. Flexibility allows Psiborg to stay ahead in the dynamic IoT landscape.
Customer-Centric Innovation: Continuously engage with customers to understand their needs and develop solutions that address real challenges.
Build a Strong Team: Success is a collective effort;surround yourself with a skilled and motivated team to drive innovation and overcome obstacles.

HQ City: Noida

Website URL:

Number of Employees: 25-50