5 Essential Tips to Build A Marketing Strategy For Your Business

Image by Mudassar Iqbal from Pixabay

By Luciana Park

Creating and implementing marketing techniques to help grow your business can be challenging. But every business needs a good marketing strategy to grow.

You need to know the best ways to get your offer in front of the right people. So, I will explain a few strategies that can help you build your business marketing.

1.Build a Strong Online Presence

If you run a local business, it is easy to think that there is no need to take your business online. But an online presence can positively impact your business.

It enables you to attract more customers both in your area and beyond. Taking your business online makes it available to people who are searching the web for businesses in your area.

To develop a strong online presence, you need to look for strong brands on the internet and learn from them.

You need to discover the keywords that are targeted and use them. You will also need to leverage the right social media platforms for the right purposes. 

2. Get local press coverage

You will need local press coverage to get your business out there because you cannot do everything independently.

A good place to start is the media outlets in your area. These media outlets are constantly on the lookout for local news and help you get your business known in your area. However, it would help if you used different media outlets for this purpose.

You will need to tell your story so that people will know what your business is all about. It would be best if you added some amazing visuals to help tell your story.

3. Add an app to your portfolio

Some apps can be used as a complete mobile marketing solution, and you should have them in your arsenal.

With an app, you can offer features such as a loyalty program or mobile ordering to help attract new customers.

You can keep your customers engaged by communicating with them. An app can also help you set up a lead capture form to build your email list.

Furthermore, you can also collect reviews by prompting your customers to share their opinion on social networks, send a referral, or produce online reviews. Tools like BusinessCards can also help you design a beautiful business card for free. 

4. Collect reviews and testimonials

If you want to rank in local searches and attract more customers, you will find that collecting reviews and testimonials are quite helpful. Positive reviews can influence customers and make them trust your business more.

So, it is an excellent marketing strategy to collect reviews from current clients. You can actively ask your customers to drop reviews on platforms like Facebook, Yelp, Google My Business, etc.

Another option is to ask in person via your website or with a mobile app. Many people decide to patronize a business based on the information they got from customer reviews.

5. Use high-impact social media marketing

There are many marketing options, and it is very easy to waste resources on ineffective marketing. However, you need to learn cost-effective high impact strategies to help grow your business.

You can do this by testing a few new strategies to see which ones perform best. Once you have discovered the best ones, you can now include them in your arsenal. 

A good strategy to try out is social media marketing. It is very cost-efficient, yet it produces wonderful results.


Continuous improvement in your business marketing is essential for the growth of your business. There are many marketing options out there, and it is a good idea to go for cost-effective high-impact ones. Additionally, a good online presence will go a long way to help your business. In all, ensure that you continually assess your business marketing to locate and work on areas needing improvements.

About Author: 

Luciana Park enjoys covering topics such as marketing, small business and growth hacking as a freelancer writer. Outside of business and writing she’s into indie music, art and traveling.