5 Employee Perks That Can Keep Your Remote Workforce Motivated

Image by Tarun Shihora from Pixabay

By Justin Robbins

The number of remote workers has steadily increased over the last decade, but the recent pandemic has put the growth of the remote workforce into overdrive.

While this transformation to virtual working has enabled many businesses to remain productive during very difficult times, it has also put a strain on virtual workers.

To help combat this stress, many employers want to know how to manage and motivate a remote workforce. One of the first things employers can do is to revamp their employee benefits offerings to better serve their remote workers.

Here’s a look at five ideal perks you can offer your remote team today.

1. Workspace Stipend

The pandemic forced many employees to set up an office at home with little to no notice. For some, their dining room table now doubles as an office desk. But, is this the most effective way for your employees to work?

Consider offering your employees a workplace stipend that gives them a budget to purchase the tools and equipment necessary to set up an at-home office.

This one perk alone can help to alleviate stress on your employees, increase motivation, and boost productivity.

2. Voluntary Virtual Lunch Breaks

A recent Gallup poll revealed that 21% of remote workers listed loneliness as their number one struggle of working at home. This sense of loneliness can affect everything from productivity to customer service. It’s important to learn how to engage a remote workforce.

Start by setting up virtual lunch or coffee breaks where employees can talk about topics other than work. Giving your employees a platform that enables them to communicate with each other can help them feel more engaged and connected.

3. Flexible Scheduling

One of the best company benefits for remote employees is flexible scheduling. This perk is especially helpful for workers dealing with additional home-life responsibilities.

If possible, allow employees to tweak their regular work hours to accommodate these added responsibilities. For example, some workers may need to start work later to take their kids to school or homeschool their children.

4. Remote Workforce Wellness Perks

According to a recent study, up to 74% of employers plan to offer wellness programs to their employees. If your company is creating a wellness program, be sure to include your remote workers.

Hosting virtual workshops, speakers, fitness plans, and meditation programs is a great way to include employees who are working from home.

In addition, if you offer discounted memberships to gyms and wellness facilities, consider partnering with a national brand so your employees can reap these rewards no matter where they live.

5. Make Home Deliveries

Think that you can’t have an office party with your remote workforce? Think again. While the idea of an in-person party may be out of the picture, you can still host a remote party.

Plan ahead to have food, gifts, and other necessary supplies delivered right to your remote workers’ homes, and then schedule a virtual conference for the party. This is perfect for holiday parties or to celebrate birthdays and work anniversaries.

With remote working at an all-time high, now is the time to reevaluate your company’s employee perks.

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