Why Banksy’s Art Is More Valuable Than A Bitcoin Or Apple Stock

Banksy's Art – Game Changer – NHS Nurse Tribute

Art brokerage startup MyArtBroker has analysed the average Banksy print value compared to other shares and assets to reveal the investment with the highest value increase YoY.

Banksy has become one of the world’s most famous working artists. The anonymous artist’s satirical street art is instantly recognisable conquering streets, buildings and galleries, around the world.

Banksy’s identity continues to elude us and if anything, this has made his/her work even more desirable to own.

Despite the current financial landscape due to the pandemic, it shouldn’t be forgotten that the visual arts industry has proven to be resilient through tough times.

MyArtBroker looked to investigate this further, revealing that a Banksy print will continue to increase in value and remain a strong investment against traditional commodities, assets and stocks and shares.

Banksy ranks as the investment with the highest annual value increase YoY



2019 value

2020 value

YoY (2019 vs 2020)


Banksy avg print value





Bitcoin price per 1 BTC





Apple share price





Amazon share price





FTSE 100





Average house price in the UK










Rolex Yacht Master II





Gold price per kg





Whisky – Macallan 18yo 1975




The average Banksy print has seen the biggest increase in value from 2019 to 2020, rising 178%. This increase is higher than any other annual increase across all nine other shares and assets analysed.

The asset with the second-highest value increase YoY is Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency that is gaining even greater traction as an investment during the uncertain times of coronavirus. Back in 2011, it would have cost £0.64 to purchase one BTC, which grew to £5,415 in 2020.

Alongside its rise in popularity, the value of Bitcoin increased by 86% YoY from 2019 t0 2020, but it still doesn’t eclipse the rise in the average value of a Banksy.

Property has always been seen as a good place to invest your money. Even though the average UK property sale value is the most expensive asset within the data, it has only increased a mere 6% YoY in value, ranking joint sixth.

When opting to invest in an asset that is seen as luxurious and hard-to-attain, many might put their money into gold.

Viewed as a predictable and safe investment, the price of gold has only risen by 5% in 2020 compared with 2019. Over the last 10 years, it has seen a value increase of 93%, but if you’re an investor seeking a greater return in a shorter time frame, then the data shows that purchasing a Banksy print would achieve this.

Many investments can also be viewed as passion projects, by putting your money into something you can enjoy and admire. MyArtBroker research shows an 18-year-old bottle of Macallan 1975 Whiskey has increased by 837% since 2011. Whereas, the Rolex Yacht-Master II, one of Rolex’s most desirable models, has increased by 94% since 2011. However, neither have increased as much in value over the last 10 years as a Banksy print.

The rise in average Banksy print prices over the last 10 years


Average Banksy Print Price






















Since 2011, a Banksy print has increased by 1108%, suggesting that there is a huge return for early Banksy investors who may have purchased a print for what is now viewed as a small price to pay, at just £20,781.

Commenting on the research, Ian Syer, Co-Founder at MyArtBroker: “When deciding to make an investment, the usual shares and assets people think of are items such as property, shares in companies, like Apple and Amazon, or even in what is seen as a predictable and safe asset – gold. Investors may not always consider the value of investing in art, with our research showing that a Banksy print can be one of the most lucrative investments on the market, especially for a short term, yet large gain, investment.

MyArtBroker has also analysed their 2021 sales data to date to provide an average Banksy value for 2021, which is £60,332 – showing an increase of 7.4% versus 2020. However, this is based on just over two months worth of 2021’s sales data so the appetite for Banksy prints can still change.

Top prices achieved for Banksy signed prints by series


Banksy Signed Print

Price sold (£)

Location of sale

Date of sale


Girl with Balloon



September 2020


Donuts (Special edition – Chocolate)


Forum Auctions London

December 2020


Nola (Green Rain)


Sotheby’s Online Auction

September 2020


Choose Your Weapon


Sotheby’s Online Auction

March 2021


Christ with Shopping Bags


Christie’s Online Auction

September 2020


Voted the nation’s favourite artwork, it’s no surprise that ‘Girl with Balloon’ is the most expensive print from a series, sold for both signed and unsigned prints. A signed print sold for £438,500 on Sotheby’s Online Auction in September 2020, which was an auction record for this series. Banksy’s unsigned print from this series also sold for £300,250 (Bonhams on 15 December 2020).

Out of all of Banky’s print series, 89% of the auction records for signed copies of each series were sold in either 2020 or 2021, showing a clear spike in investment interest of these signed prints in the last year.

“Compared to the unpredictability of other avenues, such as the property market and shares, the art industry has proven resilience and remains a tangible, lucrative investment. Purchasing artwork will not only increase the value of your portfolio, but it will become an investment to admire and appreciate while preserving it for generations to come,” MyArtBroker’s Ian Syer added.

Research Highlights: 

  • Banksy prints have increased 1027% in the last 10 years, with the average print increasing from £4,985 (2011) to £56,186 (2020)

  • The average Banksy print has risen 178% in value in one year (2019-20), compared to an 86% increase in the value of Bitcoin, and 81% increase in Apple shares value

  • MyArtBroker has revealed the year-to-date figure of an average Banksy print value for 2021, which is £60,332 – showing an increase of 7.4% versus 2020 so far

  • In 2020, Banksy’s artwork, on average, was £1,329 more expensive than a kg of gold

  • Girl with Balloon is the most expensive signed Banksy print in a series, with the Artist’s Proof (Purple), selling for £791,250 at Christie’s in September 2020