Believe & Start Living The Life You’ve Always Dreamed


By Adrian Falk

You wake up one Saturday morning, thinking to yourself: Why am I so ordinary? Why can’t I be remarkable like others? Why can’t I be out of this world?

Sounds familiar?

Of course it does.

Millions of people all across planet earth awake to these very same thoughts on many a Saturday.

So, what seems to be the issue then?

The early summer sun is bathing your bedroom in a golden glow, the smell of freshly mowed lawns fills your senses, the sound of children laughing in the park rings in your ears and a beautiful yellow-and-black bird is perched on the windowsill outside your bedroom.

Everything around you seems to be pitch perfect and, yet, everything inside of you feels crooked.

You climb out of bed and look at yourself in the mirror.

Good grief, I have gained so much weight! your mind tells you. I really should do something about it.

Since you have nothing planned for the day, you dress in your oldest clothes and walk into the kitchen to make some coffee to clear your blurry mind.

You check your phone but there is nothing interesting happening on social media.

When is anything exciting ever going to happen in my life? you think, switching on the television. You flip through the channels and notice all those successful people, being portrayed by actors. The coffee tastes bad and the caffeine is making you jumpy.

You switch off the television, sighing. Why on earth am I so incredibly ordinary? I don’t want to be ordinary, I want to be great.

The important question now becomes: How do you change this around?

How do you transform yourself from an ordinary human being into something special; something great? How do you achieve those goals you have always dreamed about?

The answer is not that difficult. In fact, it boils down to a single word:


Little voices in the back of your head keep on saying that you will never be great, that you will never be awesome. Shut them out.

Put them aside. Do whatever you have to do to make them stop. These voices are your worst enemy.

Your friend is your soul. Because your soul can counter these voices by saying, “I am what I choose to be.”


This book is to assure you that you can achieve what you’ve always dreamed of, you just have to believe in yourself.

We all have struggles in some way, shape or form, but with creative visualisation and self-belief, you will be able to manifest what you have always wanted.

Ask yourself the right questions about your destiny and you will come up with the answers. They are all in there; you only have to unlock them.

We are sometimes too afraid of change. But, if the change is for the better it should give us joy, right?

That’s the crux of the problem.

We doubt whether the change is going to be for the better and really bring joy to our lives.

This doubt then causes us to shy away from change, prohibiting us to see the other side of the world; the side where our dreams lie.

Then we never get to open the door to happiness…

My name is Adrian Falk and I will assist you in reaching your goals and dreams.

Can we make the trip to greatness together?

Can I lead you to waking up on a Saturday morning, believing in yourself one hundred per cent?

Let us find out.

Read these chapters and you might finally become the ruler of your own universe.

Before you read further, clear your mind and let harmony wash over your inner self.

Chapter 1

How to live the life you want when no one else believes in you…

So, how do I achieve this? Once again, the answer is not that difficult. You have to put everything around you aside and focus on your inner self for a change.

Stop worrying about the outside world and start to put the emphasis on yourself.

“Wait,” you might say, “what about my wife, my husband, my boyfriend, my girlfriend, my children?”

The crux of the matter is the other way around: once you have effected a change in yourself, it will automatically bring you closer to your loved ones.

This change can only happen with self-belief, even if you don’t feel up to the challenge from the outset. Remember this: only you can make positive changes to yourself. Nobody else.

The great Mahatma Gandhi once said, “If I have the belief that I can do it, I shall surely acquire the capacity to do it, even if I may not have it at the beginning.”

This is so very true, I found out at a very early stage of my life here on earth.

At age twenty, I moved from Sydney to New York City (when no one said I could) and worked in my dream job in advertising and public relations for three years.

During that time, I rubbed shoulders with the rich and famous and was invited to various A-list, red carpet events.

Although it was quite an exciting time in my life, I wanted more. I wanted to be more independent and call the shots instead of waiting for someone else to do so.

Upon moving back to Australia, when I was twenty-four years old, I started my own business. Once again, nobody – not even my friends and family – believed that I could make a success out of it, but I did.

I have now been operating in my own company, Believe Advertising and PR, for seventeen years and have worked with many national and international brands, including sporting heroes such as Novak Djokovic.

How did I do it?

By applying pure self-belief, that’s how.

I really believe in the powers of the mind. Great hidden powers that can bring about so much change it becomes alarming – but in a good way.

Employing the right mindset to achieve what you want in life is just one of these powers.

The dilemma is that very few people know how to exploit the power of the mind.

Therefore, I have developed a ten-step plan anybody can follow to develop and enrich their mind-power.

Each one of these steps will be covered in a different chapter of the book but here they are, in case you want to ponder on them in the meantime:

ONE: Take a deep breath.

TWO: Be grateful

THREE: Take action

FOUR: Confront negative influences

FIVE: Have a vision

SIX: Mind your thoughts

SEVEN: Take time to reflect

EIGHT: Give back

NINE: Find support

TEN: Believe!

No matter what your goals, dreams or life-plan, these ten steps will assist you in successfully achieving the end result.

See this list as a recipe for success.

The ten ingredients are ten different ways of accomplishing victory in different aspects of life.

And remember, the recipe can be re-used.

Some people might have one goal, for instance: financial independence. Others might have a multitude of dreams, like building the perfect relationship, or achieving spiritual enlightenment, or even simple tasks like passing grade eleven, or acing their fourth year at university to obtain a post-graduate degree.

All of this can be achieved by applying the recipe, but you have to know how and when to use the ingredients in order to make a success.

If you use these ten steps, you will finally be able to live the life you’ve always wanted to live, even if a lot of other people don’t believe in you.

Why? Because with a strong sense of self-belief you won’t need too many other people to believe in you.

Before you continue with this journey, I would like you to think about your goals and dreams in life.

Focus on one or two, or even three, and begin to apply the recipe’s ten steps to success to each one of them.

You will also notice that, unlike in a cookbook, this recipe has no quantities attached to the ingredients. The names of the ingredients are there, but there is (for the moment) no indication of how much you should use.

This is intentional, due to the fact that the recipe is not cast in stone.

Some goals – like building a relationship – will require a greater dosage of step eight (give back) while others – like financial independence – will require a substantial amount of step three (take action).

Let us start our voyage by dissecting the recipe.

(The above is an excerpt from the book – “Believe: Start Living The Life You Have Always Dreamed Of. Today.” To buy your copy on Amazon click here.)

About Author: 

“Believe – Start Living The Life You Have Always Dreamed Of. Today” has been penned by Aussie, Adrian Falk, who was sick of his mundane life so started to make opportunities happen for him from the age of 20, when he landed his dream job in advertising and PR in New York City.  Adrian worked in New York for several years before he returned to Australia to set up Believe Advertising & PR.