Meditations: How To Deal With The Loss Of A Loved One In A Pandemic


By Manisha Udeshi

Distance makes heart grow stronger, so says the world. Sometimes distance does lead to grief and sadness too.

Life always loved you, and still does. People around you and those whom you’ve encountered in your journey of life are and were with you for a reason.

We are in a space of anxiety, stress and worry constantly as the pandemic rises and spreads around the world.

Constant bombarding of the numbers and situations, uncertainty about work and life, constant fear of contracting the disease has led to an added dose of stress that already existed pre-pandemic.

The situation itself leaves us with not much to be desired but safety and good health of ours as well as our near and dear ones.

Many of us would have been and are away from our near and dear ones and quite a few would have gone through the pain of losing a family member, a dear friend or an acquaintance.

Irrespective of the present situation , there would have been times in our lives we would have had to deal with a loss, of a dear one, or lost something precious, or some wrong decisions that we would have taken, the guilt or regret that we would still be carrying.

That little voice in the head constantly chatters and reminds us of the loss, the burden of guilt and regret becomes unbearable.

Remember this too shall pass. you can handle and manage grief with little compassion towards self or towards someone going through an emotional setback.

How can you deal with these heavy emotions of grief and sadness

Remember these are feelings too. Self-compassion helps overcome grief:

Some Meditations to express grief: 

1) Allow the feelings to surface.
2) Acknowledge these feelings.
3) Feel them completely (do not leave it for another day to resolve)
4) Write it down. (Write a letter to the person, situation about how do you feel and express all that is unsaid.)
5) Express yourself to a close friend or a counsellor and let it go or join a support group.
6) View pictures, memories of happy times and feel those feelings and express gratitude towards life.
7) Above all understand and accept – we all are here to pass on, bless the departed – pray and forgive yourself for any guilt or regrets.

Understand that we all are different, and everyone may not feel strongly as you may feel.

Everyone may have a different threshold, its ok.

Learn to accept the situation, accept yourself and move on.

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About Author:

Manisha Udeshi is a Holistic Healer and a Wellness Coach. With over nine years of experience, she is a Theta healer, in addition to being an Access Bar practitioner. Her experience @ Ahem Creations in counselling and coaching has helped many in managing stress, healing relationships, overcoming physical ailments, manifesting dreams and attracting financial abundance.

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