CODING: Why You Should Learn Python Programming In 2022

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By Rose Young

Should you learn Python programming in 2022? Is it the right career choice for you? What are the benefits of learning Python? Python is considered to be one of the easiest coding languages around the world, with its applications in various industries. Programmers find it versatile and multi-functional.

The best part about Python is that it’s easy to learn, and anyone can learn it! A Python programming course for absolute beginner could not only polish the programming skills but also provide brain a good stimulus to learn and get excited about something. However, the question is, should you spend time learning Python programming? Will it help you in any way? Will it help you excel in your career?

If there’s a short answer to that question, it’s yes! Programming has many benefits and can help you excel in your career. Let’s look at the benefits of Python programming and the ways it can help you.

How can Python help you? 

Python is a high-level, object-oriented programming language used for many purposes. The language can be used for web development, app development, data science, artificial intelligence, etc.

Following are the benefits of Python: 

1. Beginners can easily learn Python 

There are many programming languages that you can learn. However, Python is the best option to consider as a beginner. It has an easy syntax and can help you do much more as a programmer. Python is concise and has codes that are readable for everyone! Also, it’s easily accessible and available for free! If you are just beginning your programming journey, Python just might be the best programming language to learn.

2. Versatility of Python 

Python is also a versatile programming language. Python has a wide range of applications, and it can be used for small as well as big programs. Moreover, the use-case of Python is in almost all major industries. It is used for software development, web development, artificial intelligence, game development, etc. This can be attributed to the wide range of libraries available for everyone. Libraries can make tasks easy in Python. It can make the life of a programmer easy!

3. Portability 

Moreover, the Python language is portable. If you have a program written in Windows and wish to run it on some other operating system in the future, you can! You will not have to change the code to run it on some other machine. This cross-platform functionality allows you to do a lot more with the language. Also, you can run Python with other programming languages.

4. There’s a high demand for Python programmers

Some huge companies like YouTube, DropBox, Netflix, etc., rely heavily on Python for seamless functioning. The rise in technological advancements has created a surge in demand for Python programmers. If you are wondering if it’s the right career choice, you need not worry. The industry has just started growing, and there’s potential. Moreover, the right skill-set will allow you to land a high-paying job in the industry. Programming is essential to building effective solutions for end-users. And the demand for effective solutions will never fall!

5. Python is more than a programming language. 

Python programming for beginners is a treat because of its multi-functional nature. Python is free for everyone and available for free. Moreover, the language allows you to do much more on your screen. You can create revolutionary programs with the language and create a significant impact with just a few lines of code.

But you might wonder, what are the use-cases of Python? Which are some industries that benefit from Python? And it’s a valid question. If it occurred in your mind, you are moving in the right direction. Let’s try to answer that.

Use cases of Python 

Let’s look at some of the use-cases where Python is helpful. 

1. Web Development 

Web development with Python is not just easy but also better. Python’s flexibility allows you to build great websites, along with complex utilities. Moreover, the rich libraries and frameworks in Python make sure that you are building a website your client falls in love with. Some of the industry’s biggest names such as Netflix, YouTube, etc., use Python to offer seamless services!

2. App Development 

One of the best things associated with Python is that it allows you to work on different types of applications. The efficiency of Python also helps you save a lot of time in the development phase. You can develop gaming apps, business apps, machine learning apps, etc. with the help of Python. We are often looking for quick but effective solutions. Python helps you save that time and effort.

3. Data Science 

Data science is a shade better with Python. Why so? Data science involves research and scientific application. Python makes it easier. How? The deep learning frameworks in Python and its rich set of libraries make things smooth. Data analysts and data scientists have to work with large datasets. Analyzing large datasets with Python is better. Moreover, Python also allows you to automate repetitive tasks.

Python has a rich and unique set of advantages, due to which it is preferred by so many programmers globally. Any great online resource can help you learn coding from scratch. The internet is wide, and which programming language you wish to learn also depends on your use case. Python as a general-purpose programming language is gaining popularity. It has become a top choice of many programmers. If you are taking your first step in the programming world, Python will not disappoint you. Python programming is the coolest skill to acquire in 2022!

About Author:

Rose Young loves to write about Python programming, Power BI and data analytics related content in a way that even a 5th grader code grasp and get interested in it. Currently, she is free-lancing to filter-out and hand pick content and insights related to the best courses available online for Python, Power-BI Data Analytics like Codebasics.