How To Escape The Daily Loop & Create A New One You Desire


By Hari Julka

Most often than not, our daily schedules are controlled by people who have no interest in our life goals or personal objectives for the year.

They use the most precious thing we humans have on the planet – Our Time – in order to pursue their or the company’s goals.

What is the underlying emotion beneath this anomaly that most workers around the world experience – it’s fear.

The fear of not paying rent, not being able to put food on the table for yourself, or not being called ‘employed’ by society – makes people give up their precious years to a person or company who are not interested in your personal goals.

So what’s the way out of this daily loop of getting up, going to work, coming back and sleeping ? You have to create and align your own goals with your company goals and share the same with your manager or supervisor.

The other way is to keep creating holes in the daily loop to which you can escape to – whenever the loop becomes too boring or too much consuming of your personal time.

Once enough escape holes are created – you will automatically slip to one – when the time arises.

The other way is to collect enough financial and emotional support to just stop the loop forcefully or gradually and start another one – which will be your loop completely.

In this new loop you can create the visuals you desire, the goals you wish to achieve or the personalty you wish to develop.

What if you don’t escape the daily loop?The danger is that this loop will consume your minutes, hours and days and after a few years there will be nothing left at the end of this loop which could eat up your lifetime on this planet.

Thus start escaping into mini holes and then escape once and for all. Create the life you desire. And write your own story. But first start with your daily schedule.

About Author

Hari Julka is a digital marketer and blogger based in New Zealand. He loves to blog on topics such as technology, entrepreneurship, social media, and managing teams in the digital world. In the past time, he loves to practice his nature photography skills. He can be reached at