Grow Your Company with These 105 Awesome Business Tools

Grow Your Company with These 105 Awesome Business Tools

By The Mission

Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together. — James Cash Penney

News That Matters


If you weren’t already aware, sleep is important. You can’t perform at your best or work efficiently if you are tired and groggy. Being successful is hard enough. Don’t make it harder by trying to run on E.

“Obviously, sleep is important. Humans need to recharge on a nightly basis to perform well. But work demands, family and personal issues and physical difficulties can get in the way of a restful night’s sleep.

Of course we’re not sleep experts; however, we can pass on a few tips that have worked for us and keep us healthy as we give our all to our businesses.”

Want to be More Successful? Go to Bed


Exactly how much money do you need to be happy? Psychologists may have figured it out:

“They find that in every region of the world, after accounting for a person’s age, gender, and marital status, people with higher incomes are happier. But they also find that there is a level of income at which happiness no longer increases with more money.” –Quartz


From James ClearThe 10 Books with the Most Page-For-Page Wisdom

“This is my list of the 10 books that offer the most page-for-page wisdom. These books will make you smarter. They offer wisdom that has stood the test of time, provide ideas for managing the complexities and challenges of life, and foster a greater understanding of our world.”

Tech Trends

The robo revolution just took another step forward… Self-driving cars are now delivering pizzas. Good-bye pizza delivery man jobs. Watch the video.

(P.S. Like with most cool tech, this is straight out of a Black Mirror episode…)

Plus, do you trust your phone enough to drive? Check out this smartphone powered Porsche.

Marketing Trends

At yesterday’s Morgan Stanley Technology, Media and Telecom Conference Conference, Netflix’s CFO David Wells announced that Netflix is planning to produce 700 original shows and movies in 2018… That’s almost two a day. To produce this massive amount of content, Netflix has set aside $8 billion. Their end goal: for at least half of their library to be original content by the end of 2018.

“Let’s continue to add content — it’s working, it’s driving growth.” -David Wells

The Best of The Mission

The Best Article of the Day…

Choosing the right tools from the start is a crucial step toward making your business succeed. Don’t let 2018 be just another year. Instead, use the amazing tech available at your fingertips to automate operations, increase revenue, and quickly get customers.

We’ve compiled the ultimate list of tools that any business owner can use to upgrade and grow their company. Read: The 105 Best Tools to Start Your Business in 2018

The Best Show we are Watching…

Yesterday Netflix released The Push, a reality show that uses an intricate plot and a bunch of actors to try to convince one unaware person to push a man to his death. It’s like What Would You Do on steroids. While the psychology behind the show is super interesting, I personally feel that the concept itself is in a moral grey area. You be the judge. Watch it here.

The Best Audiobook we are Listening To…

I’ve been running around a lot lately so I haven’t been able to read as often as I’d like. Luckily, audible has been saving the day. My current obsession: 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos written and read by Jordan B. Peterson

“Intolerance of others’ views (no matter how ignorant or incoherent they may be) is not simply wrong; in a world where there is no right or wrong, it is worse: it is a sign you are embarrassingly unsophisticated or, possibly, dangerous.” ― Jordan B. Peterson

Mission Driven

A spotlight on mission-driven companies and people.

Greensbury is making ‘real’ food more accessible. They are “the original delivery service for grass-fed beef, organic meat, and local seafood.” If you’re into meat and want to make sure it comes from the best organic farms, fisheries, and ranches in the US, look no further. Learn more about their mission to provide sustainable and humane food for all.

Find Your Mission

Learn about career opportunities at mission-driven companies.

AnchorFree (the awesome folks that run Hotspot Shield) is hiring! They have positions available in the technical, business, and administrative departments. Join AnchorFree in achieving their mission to provide safe and secure Internet connection worldwide… Apply here.

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