How Outsourcing App Development Can Help Scale Your Business

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By Puneet Singh Raghav

“Outsourcing is a powerful tool to leverage talent, improve productivity, and reduce work cycles”

Today, businesses are more thoughtful in finding out ways to ease their various business operations not just to save tons of their time but also to save employee efficiency which can further be utilised to handle other crucial tasks.

What’s the best way to do that?

According to my opinion, outsourcing the task to a specialist company is the best thing you can do.

Due to the rapid shift in the marketplace and the growing number of smartphone users than ever before, companies are taking advantage of app development outsourcing.

Because it does not just pull you out from the stress and pressure of using the latest technologies involved in the app development process, but also gives you the freedom to simply instruct, customize the way you want your application to work, and watch it happen without getting worried!

What exactly does app development outsourcing mean?

It means giving a contract to a company that can develop your app as per your needs. Either you can contract out the entire application, a software development phase, or the production of a defined component of the application.

When you do so, you don’t have to compromise with the quality, features, and functionalities you want.

Because you’re hiring a company or a team who is really good at it, willing to take up your project and promise to deliver the best outcome.

The only concern that you should be thinking about is the outsourcing company you’re going to choose.

As there are so many options available, it becomes difficult to choose the one that can fulfil your app development needs.

All you can do is research about such companies, go through their web portals, look at their customer reviews, and make an informed decision.

Here are certain things that you should know before hiring an app development company.

What are you Planning to Outsource?

Components Of the Software Application

Application components outsourcing means that you are contracting to develop specific software components.

In such a scenario, you need to define the requirements of the component to be outsourced and the interfaces you need along with it.

The role of an outsourcing vendor is to understand your requirements, communicate through interfaces, and deliver timely.

However, the vendor is free to use any paradigm or practice to fulfil your requirements.

But incase the outsourcing company makes changes to the instructions or the communication on which you both have agreed upon maybe subject to or collaborative risk management.

Phases of the Application Development

Outsourcing various phases of application development means that you are hiring a vendor to carry out certain phases.

For instance, phases like design, analysis, coding, testing, and maintenance which require external expertise.

Most organizations outsource programming tasks while retaining the analysis and designing phases. The reason being, the development phases cannot be completely outsourced as it requires inputs. Either these tasks should be handled by the company itself or collaboratively.

How Application Development Outsourcing can Help you Become Successful

App development outsourcing has several benefits due to which businesses can achieve success and become the world’s foremost company. A few of them are listed below:

1. Reduces The Risk Factors

When you hire top app development outsourcing companies, you need not to worry about a wide range of risk factors. It is their responsibility to eliminate risks and make life easier for the clients. Client just need to provide them with their budgetary requirements as per their roles and responsibilities and the targeted deadline of the development process. Outsourcing companies are experienced enough to handle risks of:

  • Unsustainable user growth
  • Choosing the wrong development partner
  • Security breaches
  • Getting denied
  • Investing in a platform that you can’t control

2. Provides End-To-End Assistance

The top app development companies follow a number of steps before they launch your app into the marketplace. They provide end to end assistance whether you want conceptualization, strategizing, and  back end testing.

They also provide training after the development process to inform you about the features and functionalities of the application. Maintenance of the application is also provided by them on a regular basis.

  • Ideation
  • Compilation
  • QA testing
  • Full customer support
  • Regular maintenance and upgrades

3. Get Increased Levels of Professionalism

Seriousness and professionalism is of extreme importance when it comes to app development.

Due to increasing levels of competition, top outsourcing companies believe in training their employees so that they have the capability to make use of innovative technologies for app development. They offer:

  • Cross-Training Work Assignments
  • Access to Resources
  • Development and Deployment
  • Support and Model Behaviour

4. Saves your Precious Time

If you’re developing an app using your in-house team, there are chances that you might lag behind due to lack of knowledge and poor research criteria. This impacts the time you’ve invested, the efficiency and productivity of your employees.

Outsourcing on the other hand, beats the time crunch by making sure that all the tasks are completed and delivered on time. Timely delivery of the project is the most crucial ethics in the mobile app universe that a company cannot afford to lose. In case of delayed service, the clients’ reputation could suffer immensely. Quick turnarounds are always beneficial for all the parties involved. Outsourcing saves your time by:

  • Deferring to the experts
  • Focusing on latest technologies that use less code
  • Increased efficiency

5. Saves Money

Designing, research, development, beta testing, and deployment are some tasks that not only require expertise but also a lot of budget if conducted in-house. As you might have to recruit new candidates or have to use your existing employees which might lead to delay business operations. Moreover, you might need to train your employees before starting the development process which again needs technical expertise and lots of money.

But if your hire outsourcing company, you can easily cut down the heavy cost and have to pay just a fixed amount on which both the parties have agreed upon.

Let’s Get Started!

Once you know the benefits of outsourcing and aware of the processes you need to outsource, it’s time to hire a company that can lead you to the right track.

Selection of company must be done based on the work they have done before, success rate, technologies they use, and the expertise they got.

Do not forget to look at their clientele and tie-ups. I am sure by doing so you can get a company that can help you achieve success  and give you full-time support and assistance.

(The author is a digital marketing expert at OnGraph Technologies Ltd.)