Why A Human Body Can be Compared to A Super Computer


Col Mohinder Pal Singh & SS Bawa

The dexterity of a human body with round-the-clock working  process could  put  the  best   super-computer to  shame.

Let’s examine the human computer (Hum-com).  To understand the human body as a Hum-com,  it is necessary  to  break it into its  components like an IT professional.

Any  computer  is  composed of two components; hardware and software. Hardware is composed of computing parts as well as  input  and  output  devices and off course  the  peripherals.

The Hum-com also has all these components albeit in a different state of matter.

The hardware  is made up of bones, muscles and flesh along with its galaxy of internal organs.

The  software  includes the  process of languages, knowledge and thoughts. Eyes, ears, skin, nose, tongue are the input  devices and ofcourse the brain is the CPU. Tongue is an output device. Some organs alternate between input or output devices.

For example, the face is sometimes used for a frown or a smile as output ,and to feel the hot or cold air temperature  as an input device.

Manufacture & Delivery – The Hum-com is assembled in  a mother’s  body and delivered to the client in a sealed packing. Even the mother cannot  tamper with the hardware being assembled in  her body. She is just a carrier of the product.

Although the manufacturing process though has been studied in great detail it cannot be fiddled with by a human  being. The manufacturing  process  for moves in a timeframe of about nine months. The delivery date is predictable  though not fixed.

Over a million years, the  manufacturing period of the Hum-com has not changed. Nor has the mode of delivery. The assembly line for the assembling of the components of Hum-com has only been alloted to the female species.

The  male species, even if it  wants, cannot deliver, as it lacks the assembly  line. When a new Hum-cum comes into the world it comes fitted with all the internal organs in a functioning state.

Typically,  the initial booting has to be done by the Doctor/ Nurse taking the delivery. It is the same as when we are  buying a new wristwatch . The  moment you buy a new watch, the shopkeeper pulls out the thin film which insulates the  battery from the watch, it begins to tick. On coming out of the womb the doctor or the nurse, provide the Hum-com with a tap and the new Hum-com commences its breathing cycle through the lungs.

Warranty. The Hum-com comes with no warranty. Sometimes, it may even have manufacturing defects. There is absolute no return policy for the Hum-com.

Components. The   Hum-com  comes fitted  with both RAM  and ROM in  which  subsequently  software   gets  uploaded.  The   Hum-com comes loaded with     very basic booting  software or  an operating  system – called CLS(crying,laughing and sleeping)! The  other functions like  eating, excreting, and other sensory  activities are  the  hardware  functions which  work on  an  auto-mode.  Also  out of the  three functions of the CLS software , Hum-com is  unique in  two features , laughing  and  crying. No  animals  are known to  laugh or cry. Their software  is  bereft of  this  feature. Try to   tickle  a dog ,  it cannot  laugh,  it will  only bark. You  scold  , it  cannot sob , it will only bark.  This means that the  Creater  has gifted Hum-com  with  a higher  version of the booting  system software. So  with this   very basic  software  and  fully  furnished  hardware  in  which all the  cables are  so   well insulated  , protected, all  the  signals  are  perfectly passed across the  organs  the  Hum-com is ready  to be  loaded  with  new software.

Software Installation. The  first  software installation  starts  at  home and  it  is  a long  drawn process.  A  new   Hum-com quickly starts to  imitate his  parents and picks  up  words of  the language spoken around him. The  hearing input  device, the ear begins to pick up  sounds and  brain  the  CPU immediately  tries to  recognize  and  deliver   signals  to the   output  device ,the  tongue  to imitate  the sound. Thus,  the  installation  of  language software begins. Like any  other installation process this software too  takes  a long time to  get installed.  All hardware devices are very interdependent  at this  initial  stage. If  an input device like ear malfunctions, the CPU  does  not  get the  requisite signals and  correspondingly the   tongue  no orders. Hence its  a known fact that Hum-com   born with  hearing defects  develops  speech  defects  too.

The Hum-Com software programs are generally divided into two categories; Basic software and the Knowledge software.  Read, write and speech software programs are typically considered to be part of Basic software, or B Program.  Knowledge software or K software needs B software as a pre-requisite.

Uploading of software is another unique feature of Hum-com when   we        compare it to the Ani-Com (animals computers).  Thousands of attempts to teach a Ani-Com a human language have failed miserably.  In-spite of being fitted with similar input devices as a Hum-Com they are unable to speak.   The only plausible reason seems to be lesser developed CPU, lesser RAM or the output device of tongue not compatible.

B-Software  installation  starts at  home. The parents  start  teaching a  child  how to  speak their  language, their  culture, their  traditions etc . Then  the child  is  slightly  grown up  he goes to  school where he  is loaded  with  a heavy  K-software.

Alongside the B and K-software is a third category of software called the Values or V Software.  V Software covers morals and ethics.  As the child grows up he develops a circle of friends who intentionally or unintentionally add to the B, V and K software of the child, also known as software sharing.  Now some such shared software is  good, but some of it is malware.  When the Hum-Com is growing up software and data loading continues, and results in increased complexity for the CPU.

After the childhood phase, the Hum-Com enters adulthood.  In this stage, the software and data contribution of the parents takes a back seat to that of friends and teachers.  Then comes the stage when a Hum-Com takes up a job.  Now each job has its own software which each employer wants an employee to imbibe.  So that too gets loaded in the system.  Change of job results in other job specific software additions.    Every new assignment causes enhancements to the software system of the Hum-Com, and this process continues.

Now a stage comes (may be in the middle age of Hum-Com) when there are too many active pieces of software vying to  get  processed in the Hum-Com CPU.  Also there is too much collected data in the volatile and non-volatile parts of the Hum-Com memory, and access of this data becomes increasingly more complex.  This increased complexity of software and data causes the CPU to slow down. So we generally find middle aged Hum-Com averse to new procedures or software in the work place or even home.  They become averse to using new gadgets because their CPU simply has no space to write a new algorithm.  And when a Hum-Com becomes old his CPU has reached its limits.   There is no more space for software or data. And something very typical about the natural software is that there is no delete button.  Once loaded it cannot be  removed .  Once a Hum-com reaches his middle age, a frequent complaint about an inability to learn new things easily is observed.  Such a Hum-com can be said to be experiencing system overload.

Another interesting issue about the Hum-Com is the issue of  viruses.   The Hum-Com is born virus free.  However, such malicious software gets picked up along the way through friends or other interactions.  Malicious software, unlike usable software, finds a way to make room for itself in the Hum-Com, without much effort on the part of the Hum-Com.    You see porn with a friend, all sorts of malware becomes resident in your system.    Repetitive exposure to university syllabus does not cause easy loading of the software in the Hum-Com.    Hum-Com does not have a remove procedure for any kind of loaded software.  Malicious or otherwise, once installed, the software stays in the system.  The malicious software has a great ability to stay at the forefront of the CPU.  To illustrate what I am saying do an experiment on yourself by observing some negative behavior.  For example, you see a person taking a bribe or doing a mischievous act, it immediately gets loaded in your memory.  Once I was travelling in a train I saw some people offering bribe for a berth.  Next time I needed a berth I too tried the same.   Even if you want to keep it keep the malware at bay, such software keeps cropping up time and again.  Most of the crimes which are committed by Hum-Com are a result of something they saw and imbibed.

The Hum-Com environment too adds some good or bad software in a subtle manner.  An old adage is – ‘a man is known by the company he keeps’.  A congenital defect in Hum-Com is that it picks up malicious software very fast and benign software very slowly.

Deadly Effects  of  Virus 

Malicious  software  is usually accompanied  with a swarm of  viruses. At some  stage  these viruses  start  affecting  the Hum-com.  

Once  they  become  virulent ,  these  deadly viruses  are  known to bring  the  system to  a complete  shutdown.

The Hum-com becomes  listless  and diseased. Once a   Hum-com    asked , “I  never  loaded myself  with a malicious software so how  come  I got infected?”

The  answer is that  these  malicious  software  get  installed using  different  methods. For  example,  you  go  to a dear friend… He  is  a real good man..  But  one day  he  is  watching  some objectionable material and  you  end up  watching   or reading  such a  material.

And  Snap,  the virus is  loaded in  your system too. This  software  will cling to  your Hard disc. Not  easy to get  rid  of it now. It is something like if you  walk through a  thick tropical  forest ,  you  are bound  to  get stung  by leeches.

Software  Problem  cured by Hardware Experts

Mankind,  over  the  ages    has come  up  with the remedies  for hardware  problems of Hum-com.

We  have a number of   doctors  who  can examine  the Hum-com hardware  and detect  any  glitch.

They have  potions   to cure  plain   hardware  malfunctions. But if the  problem  has been  caused  due to  a software  failure then  the  malaise  would re-occur. In  such cases the  hardware  doctors tend to  give  continuous medication. One  classic example  is  the  problem  of Hypertension.

Hypertension occurs due  to anxiety which is a software  related problem  but is treated by hardware  experts. So  obviously the  medicine  has to  be taken  continuously because  the  Doctor  is  addressing the  symptom  and  not the  cause.

What  could  be  the other   software  related problems of the Hum-com?

“ Doctor,  I  am not  able to  sleep” ,

“Doctor. I  keep  thinking” .

Doctor, I have a  very  irritable bowel”

What  does  a hardware specialist do  for  you? Lately a  lot of pains,  lot  of allergies ,  lot of mental  sickness  have  been related to  anxiety; a software issue.

Though fewer in numbers, software  therapists have  been around for ages  and  some  have  mushroomed  recently.

The  traditional  ones  are  called spiritual  Gurus and  the  recent  ones are  called ‘counselors’ .People throng in  huge  numbers to  them too..  What  do  they do?

A  real good   Hum-com software  therapist has  to  do the  treatment in generally  three stages- One, identify the root cause and two apply the  remedy  to  block cropping  up  of the malicious program.

And three attempt to isolate and remove the offending software.

Most of the software therapists use one common characterstic of Hum-Com software –  “ If a piece of software is kept from running for a period of time, it’s likelihood of running goes down over time”. 

For example something which you studied in secondary school say twenty years back and  if you never had to use it, you tend to start forgetting it.  

It doesn’t come back so easily.  Some things are totally forgotten but once reminded, come back.  Others  never come back.   

 The  software  therapist  put the Hum-com patient  under a rigorous  daily routine,  engages  him  with  positive and  motivational  stories from  the scriptures  or lives  of successful people.

He then teaches them techniques to control thoughts erupting in the mind.  He may even make them do some  physical postures which are expected to use the CPU in a predictable manner, and prevent the CPU from wandering and falling prey to the malicious  and glossy crop ups from the CPU itself .

Like  a  hardware  therapist  gives  his  patients a  habit forming  pill, the software  therapist gives  him  a  habit  forming exercises, or a habit  forming daily  routine or  a habit  forming diet.

As  per some of  the  therapists type  of  food intake also  affects  the  malicious  software.

In the second  stage  of  software –healing  process these things  happen. In  US  one  commonly hears  about  such  spiritual healing  camps  of a  week or two weeks  durations. Hum-com  who are  having  serious  software  problems  due to  complexities  of  software  loading in their  life generally  benefit a  lot  form such an exercise.

Finally, the Hum-com may think that he is the Uncle-know-it-all, he is the master of the universe, but the truth  is that he  is just immaculately programmed. He  can  play only within his ambit, within his orbit which have been set. He  just  cannot break  loose.

He simply does not have the code to break or modify the program.

It is at that level where science cannot convincingly define a large number of phenomenon,  it converges towards the super power,  the super energy or what we all refer to Almighty.

(Col Mohinder Pal Singh, PhD, is an Indian army veteran and an author. SS Bawa is a Canada-based IT professional.)