Why an IRD number is critical to starting up in New Zealand? 


By Editorial Staff

Studying in New Zealand or setting up a business here? An In Inland Revenue Department number becomes critical to all your needs.

It’s a simple procedure though, if you are a student or a visa holder and even simpler if you are a resident.

Open a bank account > Make a few transactions – at least 3-5 withdrawals or deposits ->

get a statement -> submit along with your ID proof.


Here is what the NZ govt website says: 

You need an IRD number if you:

  • Earn any money (for example, from a job, benefit or pension)
  • Apply for:
    • Working for Families Tax Credits
    • a student loan
    • child support
  • You may also need an IRD number if you’re buying, selling or transferring New Zealand property.
  • If you are a visa holder, you also need your Immigration NZ application number (from your visa letter).
  • If you have a student or work visa, you also need your most recent overseas tax number (if you have one) and proof of a NZ bank account.


For Kiwis or Aussies, the process becomes easier:

Just submit one of these:

  • NZ or Australian passport (photocopy the picture page)
  • NZ citizenship certificate
  • Overseas passport with NZ immigration visa or permit (photocopy the picture/signature page and any NZ work or residency permits)

And one of these:

  • NZ drivers licence.
  • NZ 18+ card.
  • NZ student photo ID.
  • An offer of employment letter or a letter confirming you’re registered as a student in NZ.

Thinking of starting up? An IRD number becomes the first document you may need to get to open a business

source: www.govt.nz