The journey of a soldier from a battlefield to the business-field


By Col Mohinder Pal Singh, PhD

Army officers  world  over  are well known for their smart personality and an upright image. A strong personality which is replete with qualities of leadership , courage , confidence and camaraderie . A personality suffusing with unstinted love for their motherland  and strong conviction in secularism. These are some of the  well known attributes  which an army officer  or  a  Army leader typifies.

I was always vary  of coaching someone appearing in a test,   as to me the word ‘coaching’ somehow smacks of  a  negative connotation meaning   that a person who otherwise maybe unfit for a particular job is now being shown a ‘short-cut’ method.  I  wanted to  change  this paradigm of coaching to a concept of helping a candidate   developing  right traits of  personality  required for a  job. With my 30  years service  in  a  elite   Infantry Regiment and  six years in  the  selection  process I wanted to convert this   concept of  ‘coaching’ to  ‘mentoring’ or ‘honing’  the  personality with the right skills required in  an  armed forces officer.

On this back drop,  AMAS TRAINING was born on 2 July 2018 at Greater Noida in India.

I  very strongly feel that what can  an army  veteran give back to the  society , other  then skilling the youth with the true leadership traits  so that they take on the role of  leaders  not only in the  armed forces  but  whichever  profession  they choose. And that  was  exactly my aim  when I took the  entrepreneurial plunge.

At  AMAS , we are  conducting incessant training for students  who wish to choose to officers or  leaders in the  elite  armed forces  as  a career  option. The training  ranges  from  one week , three  week  to seven week intense training programmes which  cover the  wide range of personality traits  which need  honing for a individual  to be suitable for an officer. The interview process for armed forces is a grueling 5-day process(generally referred as SSB) and  requires a  candidate  to  stay  in the premises of the  selection  centres and undertake the  tests.

Those  who pass  these  tests  are put through tough medical examination and  after  that they  join the training academies. AMAS TRAINING (Academy of Military Aptitude and Skills) have a  team of experienced faculty members. AMAS proudly showcases their testimonials on our website

As any  new enterprise faces, we too  have  had  our share of road blocks in the process of establishing this enterprise but  the team stretched  to fullfill  the voids and move ahead.

About the Author

Col Mohinder Pal Singh, PhD  is and ex Infantry officer and an author of books on team building.