Be Your Own Hero! 54 Keys to Living a Cinematic Life


By Rupesh K Gupta 

The idea that I should document the scenes of my life and pen my autobiography roots from the musing of the three wise monkeys – Mizaru, Kikazaru & Iwazaru.

The monkeys see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil – This is the secret sauce of my life.

It is a strategy for living happy. Life is a Film is the philosophy I thought through, it is an understanding that lets me play the role of a protagonist and empowers me to decide the outcome of any scene.

It is a thought tool that is extracted from my love for cinema, passion for knowledge and power and taste from the secret sauce.

The 54 Codes to Direct The Film of Your Life!

  1. Follow your Synchronicity
  2. Make right choices to be in desired scene of life
  3. Observe the quality of a hero and start with adopting one good habit today.
  4. Be aware of your emotions, see if it’s coming from the past and whether it is spoiling your upcoming story.
  5. Lead your life fearless to get the best opportunity. Fear is only in your mind; don’t allow it to materialize in your thoughts. Because once they will become strong thoughts, they will make you take an action which is out of your fear.
  6. Observe the grandness of this giant universe & feel abundant

  1. Analyzing each scene of your life as a director
  2. Start writing your own life’s film script with a lot of fun element.
  3. Write about the kind of life partner you want in your life and write everything in detail.
  1. Write adventure stories
  2. Appreciate everything in your daily life.
  3. Have gratitude.
  4. If you want love, Give more love to each one you meet in your daily life.
  5. If you want money, you will have to observe the richness in your scenes of life.
  6. If you want Good relationships, learn good relationship skills for your upcoming scenes.
  7. When you will be aware about your synchronicity, you will get enough opportunity to solve any problem you face in your life. Start developing a new relationship with universe.
  8. See problem as opportunity. World teacher Jiddu Krishnamurthi once said Problems & solutions are two sides of the same coin.
  9. Your decision should satisfy you as well as your environment.
  10. Each person is taking your story forward, Respect that.
  11. Focus on current scene of life to be a less worried person.
  12. Live life as the hero in your life film.
  13. Stop reading newspapers in the morning rather make habit of something good.
  14. Regular meditation is important – why? To create space in your mind. Your body is a bag of image n emotions. Currently, your mind is buzzing with whatever you have been imbibing from outside world. Fear, anxiety, tension, feeling of insecurity etc., more & more you will empty yourself, more & more space you will create to have the images, sound, feeling you desire to have in your life. While meditating, you do not react on any thought passing on your mind theatre. Thoughts multiply as soon as you react. So, let the thought come & go. In the beginning of meditation,choosing word like OM will help you to avoid reacting on any thought. & when you realize you are not getting disturbed by thoughts, you can even leave the word “Om” & connect with yourself. In a regular day life of any single person have 60,000 thoughts. With regular meditation you can reduce it & will be able to enjoy each moment of life.
  15. Movies/Music – Be aware of whatever you are watching & listening. Choose to opt for Happy & inspirational Content.
  16. Your day should start with feeling rich. Just focus on feeling, seeing, touching, smelling, listening richness & tasting richness around. I see richness in even one bowl rice which contains thousands of rice unit.
  17. Daily Walk – why? – Observing your environment – how things are placed & how universe is working. More & more you will connect with abundance in the environment, more & more abundance will flow in your coming scene of life.
  18. Writing affirmation – Long term & Short Term— writing your story date wise.
  19. Admire anything & it will be yours.
  20. Dream for an hour about those things which you want to attract in your life. Make routine for 21 day to spend the same time you will spend when it will be with you.
  21. By sketching or painting your dream in detail, you attract things faster. Attracting a person or money or anything would be easy if you spend good time on admiring the detail. When you involve yourself in such detailing that there is no difference between you & the image, you merge & become one with the image. One cannot be a Good Cook without enjoying the process of making Food.
  22. Cook a story around the desired object & write it in such way that its happening in now.
  23. Surround yourself with the images you want in your life. Fill your place with many beautiful images & Inspirational Pictures.
  24. Watch inspirational videos of super rich & inspirational people.
  25. Stop attracting money – money is a medium. You will not eat or consume money. You will consume those things which you want through money. Be specific about things you want in your life & design a new story for yourself.
  26. Daydream. I strongly feel that Daydream can be solution for removing Poverty in the world. Daydreaming is about inviting the feeling about whatever you desire which eventually manifest in real world. When you daydream, you go closure to your desired scene.
  27. Love making – why? Many people have associated love making with having sex. But love making is much bigger than what has been promoted through Cinema or any other media. Love making is about admiring each other body, mind, thoughts, of your partner & you both get synchronize for coming life. More & more you learn about this art, your dreams get manifested sooner as you have become much bigger energy to attract things in life.
  28. Fear is the root to stop the growth of humankind. Live in the moment without fear. Never give any interview in fear or any business deal in fear – Interviewer or Client is looking for more confidence than himself, if you will show your fear, he will never hire you or give you deal & rather you end up getting exploited.
  29. Right now, write the scene you want to be in. Feel it with your senses to produce new energies to create your desired scene in upcoming life.
  30. Repetition is the key to success.
  31. Travel – Everything is floating as energy in the world, when you decide to travel its easy for universe to match your timing with timing of desired thing. It’s very much possible for all of us to match our timing with another thing’s timing. When it happens many people call it Coincidence but if it was one of your wish, you didn’t experience coincidence but meaningful coincidence called synchronicity. Synchronicity can only take place when you give free time to universe. When you leave space, universe bring those things which you have been thinking. If you have a packed schedule from morning to evening & you have already decided to stay in certain location, with certain people & certain things, you can’t expect to get new things.
  32. Help people to grow by simply admiring them.
  33. Write 12 letters to your future months – writing about the stories where you want to be in upcoming years.
  34. Use your left hand as much as you can to balance your logical & creative Mind.
  35. Read One Inspiring short story everyday.
  36. Praying for peace, praying for love.
  37. Keep reminding yourself who you truly are to avoid any confusion in life.
  38. Develop your sense of humour to be a light heartedperson.
  39. Download Great applications.
  40. Make your synchronicity grow with right choices leading to your Dream Scene.
  41. Learning to be silent in a day once in a week.
  42. Beautifying yourself by beautifying others.
  43. Say thanks to people with a Big smile.
  44. Beware about your anger so that you don’t invite angry people in life.
  45. & remember to play like a Hero because your life is your film.

About The Author: Rupesh K Gupta, Author – Life Is A Film

Does Cinema influence the life of Actors and Audience? Does Reel life play any significant role in our Real life?

Through inquiry about life & Spirituality, This Book by Rupesh K Gupta discloses the influence of reel life (cinema) on our real life & unveil the mysteries behind terrorism in India, “Sinking of Ship “Titanic” & 9/11 attack.

 “Life is a film” is an Autobiographical book of Rupesh kumar where he shares his magical life experiences.