How a startup is trying to bring e-biking revolution to AKL


Three cofounders Rory, Andrew and Nic have come together to launch a startup – BigStreetBikers – with their first outlet at the ViaDuct Harbor Avenue.

So, if you have a meeting in the city or various meetings, or just want to take a stroll in lunch time around the Bay, en e-bike may be the best solution to your needs. For a tourist looking a quick way around Auckland and its nearest islands of Waiheke and Devonport, e-bikes might be the best and cheapest way after your two feet.

The bikes are designed in New Zealand but all procured from China, understandably. “It will cost over NZD 8,000 if you wish to have them manufactured in New Zealand,” says Nic.

“It all just boils to down to reducing pollution and traffic on our roads. e-Biking is a great way to do that,” says Andrew.

“Our mission is to get 10,000 bikes on the roads of Auckland by 2020,” he adds.


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