Why COVID-19 Will Be A Black Swan Event For Global EdTech Sector

Education Sector

By Akhand Swaroop Pandit

Times have now changed. Long gone are the days when education was related to textbook learning, teachers using the blackboard to students writing notes in notebooks.

Today, online learning has paved its way into the education system of India which is replacing the conventional offline classroom training.

These developments which have appeared in the form of EdTech is also empowering educators to produce remarkable learning systems.

It can revolutionize the learning methods while enabling new grades of standardization and democratized access. In short, this pandemic has transformed the ages-old, chalk–talk teaching methodology to tech-driven experience.

Whether we’re talking about language apps, video conferencing tools, or online learning software, there has been a significant surge in usage since COVID-19. So what is changing in the education sector and how fast?

From early learning, to higher education

  1. All kids, regardless of what they desire to accomplish in their careers, need a basic technology skillset that is simply missing in a generation of K-12 students earlier. This digital literacy must be established early and fostered in ways that are attainable from home too in order to enhance their digital skills.
  2. Online learning programmes help the students in teaching basic code programs. It focuses on involvement in technology for children as young as six years to be tech-friendly. Not only a child can access quality content and world-class resources but also can build and code.
  3. EdTech and educational platforms are also building a personalized system of learning from scratch for young kids, based on cutting edge research. They can play an important role in a child’s early learning as these early years lay the groundwork for lifelong learning and build motor skills, social skills, vocabulary development, pre-reading skills, etc.
  4. Online learning framework is designed keeping in mind different learning abilities of different children are highly effective in bringing out the best from each student as per their individual ability. Similarly, conceptual learning as a pivotal pillar of early-stage learning and personalized learning is aiming to help kids develop their foundational learning skills. In return, it helps to strengthen holistic cognitive skills.

A rocket fuel for EdTech Platforms

  1. The pandemic has accelerated the adoption of digital technology in education with global EdTech investment on track to grow by 15% in 2020, a predicted $ 6.4 billion. At its peak in mid-April, the virus caused nationwide school closure in 190 countries, impacting 90% of total enrolled students, almost 1.6 billion people globally.
  2. In this context, EdTech is helping schools and universities adapt and evolve. There are many start-ups that have helped In primary and secondary education, with course materials, using intelligent textbooks, engaging video content, slide shows, activities and assessments.
  3. In higher education, some start-ups are providing students with digital-first academic support and accessibility, smart assessment and new types of curriculum in specialised areas such as languages, science or coding.
  4. As for adult learning, it is now much easier to get access to remote learning, with increasing online courses from traditional institutions, income-sharing agreements which basically consist in study now, pay later, or bootcamps to get them ready for new professions.

A connected EdTech future

  1. While the world still battles the coronavirus outbreak, EdTech start-ups can expect significant growth as more people turn to digital education and solutions. International organisations like UNESCO also have their own list which certainly increases the reach of these platforms.
  2. The current pandemic has accelerated the transformation of education and technology start-ups in this sector have grown exponentially which means that EdTech is here to stay and the way students learn will never be the same.
  3. Life skills are the fundamental building blocks in a student’s learning journey. And those skills are perfectly driven by EdTech today, which are opening doors to new opportunities.

About Author:
Akhand Swaroop Pandit, founder of The CATALYST GROUP – an online learning platform, is a veteran Educationist and a Former IES officer with more than 9 years of experience in the education management industry. A UPSC topper turned entrepreneur, Akhand has completed his Masters in Technology from IIT Delhi. He has also been a guest lecturer at DU, IIT, NIT and IIM and has coached lakhs of students.